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Quick Births?

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NeverSayNever Tue 25-Mar-08 17:01:36

Our new home is great Isn't it smile

Have you found the birth is quicker the more d'cs you have?

Ds 1, was a 17.5 hour labour
Ds 2, 4 hours
Dd 1, 3 hours
ds 3, just over 1 hour
Ds 4, 2 contractions, waters broke had him on the couch at home no time to get to hospital blush
Dd 2, I had a show, no contractions, the hospital said I should go in because of Ds4! within 5 mins of arriving there she was grin !!

kittywise Tue 25-Mar-08 22:15:38

No, mine have varied actually, but they have been quick, not as quick as yours though grin

PaulaYatesBiggestFan Tue 25-Mar-08 22:19:25

must say am luuuurvi the new home more than i thought!

mine have not got much better number2 was the easiest

dreading number 6!

Psychomum5 Tue 25-Mar-08 22:21:31

whit mine, the labours haven;t really varied so much, but I did find that the actual pushing bit got very easy from #2 onwards.

in fact, with all of them (discluding #1 obviouslywink), I went from 5cms to fully dilated to baby out in 10mins each timeshockgrin.

with #5 in fact, I got stuck at 4cms from 3am until 5.40am (the time between first internal and second), and the second internal triggered me and I had him less than 10mins later. Shocked the student midwife (I told her I do this and she didn;t believe me).......she examined me, I said I needed to push, she said go onto my left side as I wasn;t ready, I did (well, they flipped me in fact!), and I still (LOUDLYgrin) said I needed to push and was.......they looked and swore as his head was crowninggringrin.

prooved me right, and she apologized!

CarGirl Tue 25-Mar-08 22:25:45

My labours have all been induced so had lots of pain & contractions whilst not being in labour hmm

dc4, they made me get out the bath to check - got on the bed, they went was that your waters or have you wet yourself, oh 8cm, oh crowning, oh she's here grin - so official labour was 2mins grin

I have to say yes the pushing was very quick with all but the first!

bogwobbit Tue 25-Mar-08 22:32:16

Well, I thought I had a pattern going.
Dd1 - 30 hours
DD2 - 15 hours
DS - 7.5 hours
Then dd3 spoilt it by taking 14 hours to be born shock

MarsLady Tue 25-Mar-08 23:04:37

All of mine (except the DTs) were 6 hours. The DTs were a planned c-birth due to a transverse lie and presenting cord.

kittywise Wed 26-Mar-08 07:02:49

Oh yes pushing ranged from 1/2 hour for first vbac and then 2-5 mins for the other 3 smile

Pollyanna Wed 26-Mar-08 07:39:28

mine haven't got any easier either - no 2 was the fastest and best, and no 3 was the worst. No 4 was back to back and agony. I am hoping no 5 just plops out smile

ScienceTeacher Wed 26-Mar-08 08:03:10

No particular pattern:

DS1 - 3 hours
DS2 - 6 hours
DD1 - 3 hours
DD2 - 2 hours
DD3 - 6 hours

Idobelieveinfairies Wed 26-Mar-08 11:42:54

Mine got horrendously worse, probably due to being induced though.

4th was the worst and longest, but quickest pushing stage at 3 mins, but i only got as far as 8 cms dilated and he was in trouble so we had to get him out. horrendous time, and the midwifes kept saying ohh it will be a quick birth being your 3rd..and then 4th, how wrong were they.

had 2 c-sections for the next two pregnancies and wasn't allowed to be induced again.

sorkycake Wed 26-Mar-08 11:45:28

From first contraction to baby out:

No.1-23.5 hours/hospital angry sad
No.2-6 hours/home water birth grin
No.3-2.5 hours home water birth grin

No.4 I'll tell you when we get there, but if it's faster than no.3 I'd better get me a spare paddle.

piximon Wed 26-Mar-08 11:59:01

DS1 - 17hrs
DD1 - 2hrs
DTS - 20hrs (Induced labour and they were feeling shy) 15mins between them.

DC5 due today, hoping won't be too quick as need someone to get here for the other DCs first.

jes74 Wed 26-Mar-08 12:33:03

ds1 4hrs at 37 weeks induced because of hindwater rupture.
ds2 2hrs 4 days late
dd1 5hrs including shoulder dystocia would have been alot quicker if she didnt get stuck. most horrible birth i have had both lucky to survive!!!
ds3 c section at 38wks as consultant was concerned about size and shoulder dystocia again.
if i have another has to be c section due to previous historysad

137wallis Wed 26-Mar-08 12:37:31

ds1 17hrs
ds2 2hrs
ds3 5hrs at home
ds4 1hr at home
ds5 10mins, and only just got to the hospital, after they said i couldnt have him at home so next time i will be staying at home! wink

largeginandtonic Wed 26-Mar-08 12:45:31

twins emergency c-section
dd 18 hours back to back hell, planned homebirth. Transfer in with sirens blaring only for her to appear almost as soon as we got there hmm

ds#3 planned home birth about 6 hours
ds#4 planned home birth 40 mins
ds#5 induced, head transverse hell, about 6 hours

Praying #7 will fall out. If one more person says to me 'oooh it must be like shelling peas' i may lose it... grin

largeginandtonic Wed 26-Mar-08 12:48:00

Jes74 ds#4 was a shoulder dystocia and 9lb. He was born in 40 mins. I was terrified that ds#6 would be huge and get his shoulders stuck. He didnt and if his head had not been transverse all would have been well. He was 9lb 2oz. Dont give up hope smile

jes74 Wed 26-Mar-08 13:53:29

dd was 10lb got stuck and took 10mins to ressussitate to get her out thy cut me to allow midwife to get her hand in i then hemourraged(sp)and had to go to theatre to be stitched 4th degree cut and tear and dd spent wk in scbu. with ds3 they kept check on size and consultant decided he had to be born literally asap so was 16hrs later and as ds was 9lb 7 they were right not to let me continue or could have been 10lb+ although i had wanted to be induced at 37+wks to try to avoid c section. The consultant wanted to steralise me as well seemed to think 4 was enoughangry told him no but think unless i have a very small baby then a c section it will be that is once i manage to get pregnant again - i normally get my period back again around 6 months after each dc so hope to start ttc around june timesmile

tiredmumov4 Wed 26-Mar-08 15:26:40

mine all got quicker can honestly say i enjoyed giving birth to my youngest but then he was the only one that wasnt induced and it was v. quick

NeverSayNever Wed 26-Mar-08 21:32:55

Largeginandtonic if I had £1 for everytime I heard the shelling peas quote, I would be a wealthy woman now grin

BITCAT Wed 26-Mar-08 21:44:07

I'm 1 of those people that women hate.
ds1 8.5hrs
dd1 5hrs
ds2 4hrs
dd2 2.5hrs and 2secs to push her out no stitches, midwife didnt even get gloves on she just shot out.
I have to say i have found giving birth easy (hate me if you want), i dont bleed for long either, about a week with first! Very relaxed gas n air for about the last hr and no swearing or screaming..not a screamer at all very quite. When i had ds2 the midwife said "i dont believe your in labour, your too calm" and i had number 4 at home, with 3 children downstairs with nan, they never heard anything..only a baby cry!!

waggledancer Wed 26-Mar-08 22:19:10

I have long labours. 2nd labour was my quickest, and only one not induced/accelerated, and that was 12hrs long. However all were normal births, no stitches and no after pains so I don't get it all wrong grin

kittywise Thu 27-Mar-08 07:28:37

BITCAT, I'm not a screamer either. Screaming doesn't make the pain any less, infact I think it makes it worse ( I tried it once and it made me even more tense and so things hurt even more)hmm

mummyrex Thu 27-Mar-08 10:03:41

#1 12 hours
#2 4 hours
#3 3 hours
#4 2 hours
#5 40 mins (20 mins from realising I was probably in labour)

Now expecting #6 (nearly 37 wks) and am carrying and emergency birth kit wherever I go!

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Thu 27-Mar-08 10:37:40

From the time waters break (girls) or contractions start (boy)

DD1 - 7 hours
DS1 - 3 hours
DD2 - 1 hour
DS2 - due in May. Faster or slower?, place your bets!

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