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How did you all make the leap into 4 or more??

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Nemoandthefishes Tue 25-Mar-08 12:53:30

Just curious really as dh and I are teetering on the edge..although our 3 are still very young [4,2,14mths] but I think we will ttc in the next 6mths or so..just wondered what major things changed and why going to 4 seems soooo much bigger than going to 3!!
We have a zafira, the double pram but only a small 3 bed semi with no chance of moving but I said to dh we could swap rooms with the girls as ours is bigger.

MehgaLegs Tue 25-Mar-08 12:55:35

We made the leap accidentally - I thought I could count blush.

pedilia Tue 25-Mar-08 13:05:42

DC4 is due at the end of June, we had wanted another one but not quite so soon, current Dc's are 7,3 and 15 months.

We have a 4 bed detached so 2 will be sharing until we get a conversion sorted out although I have been to view a 5 bed that is within our price range!

I do get moments where i think what the hell am i doingshock
Doesn't help with all the comments you get when you announce you are pregnant again!

Nemoandthefishes Tue 25-Mar-08 13:06:11

pmsl mehga ours might be an accidental on purpose leap..suppose just like the other 3grin

mrbojangles Tue 25-Mar-08 13:08:04

Not sure I lept!! Think I was pushed grin

magnolia74 Tue 25-Mar-08 13:08:11

Well we lept to 4 then 5 grin
We only have a 3 bed house too hmm but dh and I sleep downstairs so the kids can have the bedrooms.
The twins share, dd4 and ds1 share (both huge rooms) and dd1 has her own room.

We have a renault Espace, old but cheap smile

Its easy Nemo.......Just do it! grin

Nemoandthefishes Tue 25-Mar-08 13:08:52

pedilia must admit the comments after DD2 was annnounced were bad but then DD1 was only 4mths oldblush and ds 2 and a half.
Now its a running joke of having nothing better to do etc I am sure you have heard and people are either really negative about it or just expect you to be pg every time they see you...

Psychomum5 Tue 25-Mar-08 13:09:45

I made the leap accidently too. I was breast feeding and fell pregnant before emy periods even returned, and we weren't going to have anymore as DD3 was so very poorly at that point.

wouldn;t change it at all tho nowgrin

aGalChangedHerName Tue 25-Mar-08 13:11:15

Go on Nemo u know you want towink

You can join the OWLS if you have another one!!

3-4 is a peice of cake honestly xx

juuule Tue 25-Mar-08 13:11:17

You have 3 bedrooms. 1 for you and dh. 1 for the girls and 1 for the boys. No problem

Pollyanna Tue 25-Mar-08 13:12:13

I made the leap accidentally too! (I think I was pre-menopausal maybe, rather than stupid - honest).

(have also made the leap to no 5 accidentally - oops blush)

OrmIrian Tue 25-Mar-08 13:12:33

In our case it would be in much the same way as DH and I made the leap from 3 - 4. By accident?

OrmIrian Tue 25-Mar-08 13:13:04

Noooo. That should have been 2-3!

jes74 Tue 25-Mar-08 13:15:55

i guessed it couldn't be much more chaotic than 3 and imho it isn't, we have a zafira which is a squash but works and a small 4 bed semi, but we had 3dc in a two up two down terrace and managed, thats what bunk beds are forgrin. also they do not need big houses our old house used to house 6 children according to an elderly lady who lived accross the road from ushmm all be it 60yrs ago

hatrick Tue 25-Mar-08 13:16:31

Message withdrawn

Psychomum5 Tue 25-Mar-08 13:18:31 way to make a leap into having another new baby is to move house....

new house, new baby.....

worked for us grin, altho with falling for #3 in our case....and then #4 and #5 toohmmgrin

PotPourri Tue 25-Mar-08 13:20:30

Message withdrawn

dinny Tue 25-Mar-08 13:23:30

can I ask if you worried about having more children, in terms of everything being well and OK... I really want to but feel scared I am sort of pushing my luck (sounds so odd when I write it down!)

gingeme Tue 25-Mar-08 13:24:58

Go for it Nemo smile We leapt by dh decicing to go for the snip. Waited so bloody long for the actual appt ds5 was concieved in the mean time.
We live in a 2 bedroom flat but we have boys so they are in the same room.
we bought a Citreon zarra picasso just before Chrisrmas. Just fit everyone in.hmm

magnolia74 Tue 25-Mar-08 13:30:55

Dinny, I felt like I was pushing my luck with #5. Worried the whole pregnancy but everything was fine smile

I think you will always have something to worry about xx

Nemoandthefishes Tue 25-Mar-08 13:32:36

Dinny can understand that a bit as I have had 3mcs to the 3 dc. I dont think they need their own rooms although dh would disagree and next door had 4dc in their house when growing up. I am 99% sure and I actually think dh is quite sure as he mentions it everyday and yesterday put the cot sides in the shed rather than the tip!

dinny Tue 25-Mar-08 13:33:54

ooo,h maybe just should - would love big family like you lot on here smile

gingeme Tue 25-Mar-08 13:36:28

What exactly are you worried about then dinny?

dinny Tue 25-Mar-08 13:37:52

dunno, really,

think it has a lot to do with most of my family only have 1 or 2....

gingeme Tue 25-Mar-08 13:40:00

How many dc do you have?

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