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Sibling dynamics: being left out, fighting over toys

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lljkk Tue 25-Mar-08 10:39:13

Situations of this morning, reflecting chronic problems.

3yo is often left out of games, because he doesn't follow the rules set up by the others (he's too young to understand). With a house to keep half-tidy and a baby I can't constantly hover and keep the peace.Example: DC playing in snow. 8yo made 'tracks' by pushing cars around, when 3yo came out he mucked them up and 8yo got irate. Ends in tears...

Later they fought over a toy truck, with the result that eldest is now sulking and won't play out in the snow at all, while others won't go out if eldest won't go out.

What do you do? I will skulk off to mooch chocolate off them and see if anyone has replied.

Idobelieveinfairies Tue 25-Mar-08 14:09:08

It is hard lljkk..i am lucky to have had 2 sets of twins so they have a partner in crime..but we still get it occasionaly.

How about a game that 8 year old likes and you are there to help 3 year old with it. and then swap to a game that 3 year old knows and plays well that 8 year old can join in with??...and once they are all gamed out the housework will be there for you. (i know!)

reminding the 'older' children of the family that they can teach the littler ones things always helped too..they sometimes forget about age differences...and they can go off in 'teacher mode' again.

lljkk Tue 25-Mar-08 19:09:16

Ta 4 reply Fairies, but I cant c it working 4 us. You'd think (4 instance) pushing trux around in the snow would b a 3yo game, but then 8yo decides he wants 2 make something (snow trax) & 3yo cant really c the roads -- or decides he wants 2 break them 4 fun.

As 4 games I could help with, 3yo likes 2 do everything 4 himself -- he'll get irate if I tell him what 2 do.

Could try the teacher-pupil thing, not sure any of us has patience 4 much of it, tho.

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