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Excuse me [coughs politely] sorry to but in on your shiny new topic but any chance of some hints for someone that's nearly an OWL?

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damewashalot Tue 25-Mar-08 10:19:09

That's it really, I have ds1 9 ds2 6 ds3 2 and am 29wks pg with dc4. Most people think I am mad or assume I am just trying for a girlangry or assume that it was unplanned and say so!angryangry which really winds me up.

So any words from the wise and experienced on how I'm going to do this? Ds3 just kind of slotted in and we got on with it, am I kidding myself no 4 will be the same?

Also can I join in on the other thread in 11ish wks time please?grin

damewashalot Wed 26-Mar-08 12:40:25

Again, it's the hormones, I came home and said to dh "I can't believe what I've just said"shock

Cadmum Wed 26-Mar-08 11:58:24

Oooh... I would love to have the courage to make statements like that! You could also just have looked puzzled and asked her to tell you what causes them. That put an end to my dad's questions!

I get a constant barrage of "Oh! Two of each! You must be pleased." "Gentleman's family X 2. How talented!" Etc etc...

If only people knew just how tedious it all sounds after 2 1/2 years of the same rubbish. I would be just as happy with four of one gender or 3 and 1. I did not choose the gender. It also happens that it took 7 pregnancies to get these four and gender was the least of my concern for any of them.

damewashalot Wed 26-Mar-08 11:47:39

I shut someone up the other day, middle aged woman said "Haven't you worked out what causes it yet?" but not in a friendly teasing way IYKWIM I replied that actually we knew exactly what caused it and were getting rather good at it which is why we've managed to have so many kidsgrin she went rather blush and shut up.

It's mostly the people that think i must be desperate for a girl that bug me, my boys are lovely and I'd be quite happy with another one.

Cadmum Wed 26-Mar-08 11:38:37

I usually look madly about and start counting when people ask if they are all mine. Being far from home has made me take advantage of the anonymity though...

Cadmum Wed 26-Mar-08 11:35:42

damewashalot: (Nearly typed washatot) We are in Switzerland. Just outside Geneva, near Nyon. The snow is unusual this late here but we are loving it!

I know what you mean about the hormones. Try to let it slide...

lljkk Wed 26-Mar-08 11:12:07

misdee when r u due? I searchd 4 u on all the natal threads but couldnt find u there.

damewashalot Wed 26-Mar-08 11:06:31

I once had "Are these all yours?" shock and that's with just 3 of them, I'm a freak around herewink

I'm looking forward to having 4, 3 doesn't feel finished some how.

foxythesnowman Wed 26-Mar-08 10:53:24

"4? How do you cope?" - very well thank you
"You aren't having any more are you?" Probably.
"4?" <<horrified>> - Well, its not for everyone
"4? You've got your hands full!" It helps that they are so well behaved all the time. wink

My favourite was "I know you! You're the lady with LOADS of children!"

Number 4 will probably just fit in, be very happy to have lots of company all the time and enjoy watching all thats going on around. Its a joy having 4 IME.

Of course, that could change at any time grin

damewashalot Wed 26-Mar-08 10:34:29

Cadmum, where are you? envy at snow.

I usually ignore people but with the hormones I have at the minute I'm a little easier to wind upgrin

People that really know me aren't surprised, one friend keeps telling people that I'm such an earth mother I'll just carry on the same as now but with a baby hanging off my boobhmm not sure about the earth mother bit, but around here, being a breast feeding, sling wearing mother and having more than 2 kids is all it takes to qualify grin but I just love kids!

Cadmum Wed 26-Mar-08 10:19:16

I was expecting it to be a big move from 3 to 4 but so far so good.

DD2 was 2 this month and has already lived in 4 countries. The moving lark is much harder than the parenting one but perhaps my opinion is not valid because I adore children and refuse to take offense when offensive people make their ludicrous comments about TV and accidents.

We spent yesterday on sledges in 50 cm of new snow in the mountains on the spur of the moment so somebody has forgotten to dismantle my spontaneous chip.

Misdee: I keep meaning to say: WOO HOO! Your story is such an inspiration. 4 is FAB!

damewashalot Tue 25-Mar-08 14:52:24

grin 4 seems more common on mnet than it is around here, having more than 2 is weird and I get strange looks from people already with my 3 boys.

ladytophamhatt Tue 25-Mar-08 13:42:35

Well, George is 15 months now and I still have days when i can't get my head around teh fact that I've got 4 so I can't help you theregringrin

misdee Tue 25-Mar-08 13:34:37

they were ok with it. i am still getting my head round it,

ladytophamhatt Tue 25-Mar-08 13:30:46

Misdee, what did peters parents say? I never did catch up with the thtread....

Peachy Tue 25-Mar-08 13:16:58

Misdee- how did miss yhat???? must have been when PC was down with the blardy virus.

Congratulations, albeit belated!

misdee Tue 25-Mar-08 12:47:10

also expecting dc#4.

we are having to get a bigger car and look at moving home. but i keep telling dh that it can live in a drawer for a little while wink

damewashalot Tue 25-Mar-08 12:33:50

Hi Peachy grin

We don't know what this one is but it doesn't matter to me which sort, a girl would be a shock though wink

We are lucky re childcare, last time our next door neighbour came around at 3am and slept on the sofa bed and now pil only live half an hour away, we also have the option of throwing children at my parents on the way to the hospital which would only add 5 mins onto a 30min drive but that is a last resort as the thought of seeing my mother when I'm in labour [shudder] she means well but would fussgrin

Peachy Tue 25-Mar-08 11:38:29


Just wanted to send you a grin as also pg (though 39+2!) with dc4 after 3 ds's, everyone also thinks we're after a girl but we know it's a boy and are more than happy with our will be complete family of boys.

I'm 34 btw, not exactly dead yet.... LOL!

Only tip I can give at this stage is think carefully about childcare for the birth.... it's been a bit of an issue for us so we have lumped for a homebirth with a Doula so that DH can watch the boys. Mum and dad (live an houra way) are supposed to be on call for any hospitalisation situations, but seem to have become remarkably sociable over the easter period and are too often just-a-bit-drunk when I phone (DS1 and DS3 have some SN and need to be watched carefully).

MehgaLegs Tue 25-Mar-08 11:34:11

That's two new topics both relevant to me I am supposd to be cutting down on mn - this does not bode well grin

Psychomum5 Tue 25-Mar-08 11:33:55 would qualifygrin

MehgaLegs Tue 25-Mar-08 11:32:42

So am I an OWL - I have 4?

damewashalot Tue 25-Mar-08 11:22:30


Thanks ladytophamhatt and Psycho, I haven't been worrying but I think that all of the "You must be mad"/ "You are really brave" remarks are making me wonder if I should be worrried IYSWIMwink

Kindereggsurpise Tue 25-Mar-08 11:21:26

Don't know what an owl is but I don't think I am one.

My friend has a 3.5yo DD and had twins almost a year ago. I was minding them while she was shopping and I could not believe the comments we got. Ranging from, "My goodness, you have your hands full" to "OMG, 3 such tiny children, what a nightmare!" angry

I replied sweetly, "Yes, children are a real blessing, aren't they?"

The old bat did look a bit shamefaced.

damewashalot Tue 25-Mar-08 11:18:50


O old women
W women
L live
(in a)
S shoe.

As they have so many dc

Psychomum5 Tue 25-Mar-08 11:18:46

cod.......we seem to have become owls by virtue of


someof tho are not so old, or even many of uswink, so am thinking we are ggoing to make the O stand for something else very soon.........

odd, outstanding, over and above ordinary.....

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