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Ohhhhhhh a lovely new home for all us OWLS

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ladytophamhatt Tue 25-Mar-08 07:52:24

O old women
W women
L live
(in a)
S shoe.

Come on girls.....

BandofMothers Tue 25-Mar-08 07:55:22

What are you on about lovey???

hatrick Tue 25-Mar-08 07:55:41

Message withdrawn

theUrbanDryegg Tue 25-Mar-08 07:55:43

i wanna join...

and one day i shall.


sorkycake Tue 25-Mar-08 07:59:12

LOL @ OWLS grin.

Well, tons to do , just wanted this on my threads for today, see you later girls

Hatrick how long have you got left in your pg? <noses>

BandofMothers Tue 25-Mar-08 08:00:42

Hmm, not me, think I'll stop at 2.

WOW Urban can't believe how HUGE ds isshock

Sorry LTH, didn't mean to hijackgrin

Tickle Tue 25-Mar-08 08:01:29

Yay! grin

For those who don't know what LTH is on about, see previous thread begging MN for our own section (plus lots of birth stories and tips for families with 4+ children!) here

BandofMothers Tue 25-Mar-08 08:03:41

Oooooooooooooh, right. I best get going then with my 2 kids that sometimes seem like 6wink

theUrbanDryegg Tue 25-Mar-08 08:05:49

BoM - he's bigger than that, those pictures are really old.

theUrbanDryegg Tue 25-Mar-08 08:06:13

get thee on MSN BoM...

ladytophamhatt Tue 25-Mar-08 08:07:03

(although none of us are actually old grin)

ScienceTeacher Tue 25-Mar-08 08:09:32


JamSamBam Tue 25-Mar-08 08:16:36

moning, can i join in if i WANT a larger family???

aGalChangedHerName Tue 25-Mar-08 08:20:15

Just posting quickly so it's on my threads.

Taking the dd's for a hair cut eek. Dd2 has really long hair at 18 months and it is a pain when she eats etc but dont wanna get it all cut off as she is soooo cute with it. Just a trim methinks.

Have a good day all xx

liahgen Tue 25-Mar-08 08:30:23


Morning all, just quick post to put it in my posts. School run to do.

psychomum - me
paulayatesbiggestfan - who started this fab idea
peachy is very soon to join if bubba hurries up
sorky (by the fact that she is trying for #4)
har man

and to add


There we are. grin

ggglmpp Tue 25-Mar-08 08:45:02

We have been away to the weekend and have come home with mountains of washing and bags of melted chocolate.

The cleaner has rung in sick
Dh spent four hours in a and e last night with dd3 and her sprained wrist. Have had heated discussion with said dd this morning as she insists on going sailing this afternoon in sling and hand support but her hand hurts too much to write with (she also came downstairs dressed for the tropics - it is a very wet 8° this morning).

Dd2 has just rung from boarding school to say she fell en route from the station and has 'a displaced tendon' and WHDEN AM I COMING TO GET HER AS IT IS NOT FAIR WE ALL JUMPED WHEN DD2 NEEDED TO SEE A DOCTOR FOR HER WRIST. Her school is an hour away.

Ds2 (bless him) has finally gone to sleep (after a weekend yelling and a doznen well meaning relatives telling me to put him down/pick him up/isn't he a one/rod for own back shite.

The mexican exchange student (18 and very sweet) is puking like a trooper and going through bedding at rate of knots

DS1 has his easter service this afternoon and I forgot and booked bloody hard to get hold of washing repair man.

Dh has shite day ahead of him at work and is coming home for lunch and sympathy.

I have had a pain au raisin, two coffees and am off to attack laundry room.

I was alwyas going to just have two boys and call them Daniel and Thomas.

sparklesandnowinefor9months Tue 25-Mar-08 09:03:50

Can i join in too? hmm

I have

DS1 - 9
DD - 5
DS2 - 3
DS3 - 22mths

and DC5 on the way grin

btw i'm only 30 so not technically 'old' although i feel it wink

Nemoandthefishes Tue 25-Mar-08 09:06:00

oh will watch you OWLS as we are hoping to look at no.4 soonish..well must be as dh has put the cot in the shed instead of the tipgrin

cazboldy Tue 25-Mar-08 09:08:01

gglmpp - lol at Daniel and Thomas - you sound very busy.......

I am getting a new dishwasher today grin!!!

cazboldy Tue 25-Mar-08 09:09:04

Oh and my mum is coming home after being on holiday for 3 and a half weeks - I suppose that should take preference over the dishwasher really, but........

sparklesandnowinefor9months Tue 25-Mar-08 09:10:19

i'm moving tomorrow [very excited emoticon]

<<so probably shouldn't be on here really hmm>>>

Nemoandthefishes Tue 25-Mar-08 09:11:36

pmslGGG I love the sound of your house!!!

sorkycake Tue 25-Mar-08 09:15:00

I think the section is for those with larger families of 4+.

I only have temporary status as I'm trying for no.4 now (with secret plans for 5, but don't tell anyone, shhhh!), that and I pleaded embarrassingly early on lol

I think Hatrick & Peachy are pg with no.4's too, but everyone else is fully paid up and living in shoes grin

How many do you have jamsambam?

Psychomum5 Tue 25-Mar-08 09:32:18

wohoooooo......we have a home just for us???????

oh, I'm all tingly with excitement........I get to be in a 'clique'grinwink!!!!!

137wallis Tue 25-Mar-08 09:37:01

woohoo, finally a place that I fit! and I don't need to be embarassed that I have sooo many children, i'm definatly not old, but the shoe bits right, although I feel 90 today as didnt sleep well last nite! welcome all newbies! grin

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