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Bunk beds/mid sleeper with mattress on the floor

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Chaosonthehorizon Mon 18-Nov-19 19:18:21

So have been propelled into the two eldest sharing (5 and 3) because twins are arriving next year. We need them to share for at least 18 mths if not longer (dependent on house move or not), would you bother with a mid sleeper and youngest on the mattress on the floor underneath the mid sleeper or an ikea kura with the same config? Feels safer than bunks as eldest not up as high and much cheaper but will the smallest end up hating being on the floor? Anyone done this? Thanks

chopchopquick Tue 19-Nov-19 13:38:48

I am sure my older two had bunks at that age. We just made sure they could climb the steps properly.

Ideally a mattress shouldn't be placed directly on the floor as mattress need ventilation. Plus it could be a bit drafty. I am sure the bunk bed option would be fine.

Good luck with your twin pregnancy.

daisypond Tue 19-Nov-19 13:42:31

I’d go for bunks too. The 5 year old should be old enough. My three always shared in one room, and they’re older teens now.

ColdRainAgain Tue 19-Nov-19 13:51:35

Can you get your hands on a second hand kura, and buy a new one. Use the mattress base plus extra side panels to make a bunk from the kura- it really will be better if you can get the bottom mattress an inch or 2 off the floor.

Firefliess Sat 23-Nov-19 05:06:10

I had a high sleeper and one of those child beds underneath when mine were that age. The child bed was small enough to for underneath and quite low. I think your 3 year old would probably be quite happy with a mattress on the floor but you can have problems with damp and mildew if you put mattresses direct on the floor.

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