Should I wait for third?

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Ifonly86 Sat 16-Nov-19 21:40:16

I’m desperate for a third baby but what I’m concerned about right now is timing. If I were to fall pregnant in my next cycle the baby would be due end of August, my eldest child is starting secondary school in September. I feel like this would be a terrible time for her and I wouldn’t be there for her as well as I could be without a newborn to care for. Plus the sleepless nights alongside teenage hormones and settling in to a new school may be difficult for her all at once. If I put it off a few months I would still be pregnant when she starts secondary school which is still a big change that may affect her alongside the new school changes.
I feel like I’m completely overthinking it as I know there is never a good time, but I also feel terrible for her that I’ll be heavily pregnant or have a newborn at an important time for her. My other child may feel left out with me trying to give eldest support and juggling a newborn so I have no idea if I can do this.
We’ve wanted another for years hence there being a big age gap but due to health reasons it hasn’t been possible until now. After a long talk it’s become a ‘now or never’ situation.
Has anyone else done this as their child is starting primary/secondary school and how did it go?

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