Infertility and third baby

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lucieloos Mon 11-Nov-19 13:15:44

I have 2 young children both conceived after many rounds of ivf. I count myself lucky as there was a time where I couldn't see myself with any children. However we had 2 frozen embryos left after these 2 the first of which I transferred around a month ago and had a chemical pregnant and lost it at 5 weeks. I had already stupidly begun to dream of life with another and then it was gone. When I used to dream of having a family I always thought of 3 children.

A close family member has just announced her first pregnancy and her due date is 6 days before mine would have been. I'm happy for her but it stings a little.

I have one embryo left and that will be it due to age, finances and stress of treatment. I don't see it working as its not a great embryo.

Am I wrong to feel sad that we can't have anymore when we already have 2 beautiful babies and there are plenty of people out there that have none. I feel bad but I can't help but think our family isn't quite complete but there isn't a lot I can do about it anymore.

Does it get easier?

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chopchopquick Mon 11-Nov-19 13:27:59

I am sorry for your loss flowers

I was in a similarish situation after dc2. We tried for over 3 years for DC3 and in the end we were advised the next steps would be IVF. We agreed not to do this for a number of reasons. I was heart broken despite already having 2dc. I think its natural especially after a chemical pregnancy as your emotions are vulnerable. We didn't love our 2dc any less because we wanted a third. In some ways it was a case of we knew what we would be missing in having another child. What you are feeling is not wrong. Be kind to yourself and I wish you all the luck with the embryo.

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