What "thing" do you wish you had or that you have and couldn't live without

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insideoutandback Sat 09-Nov-19 18:59:32

Just that really. We have 5 kids and I would love potato rumbler ! The kids all love mash, but I hate and mean HATE peeling vast amounts of potato. I feel it would be such a time saving help 😂 Also had I have thought about when we re-did the kitchen I'd have put 2 dishwashers in

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Firefliess Sun 10-Nov-19 11:38:00

We have really large pans for cooking which make life so much easier. We've rented holiday homes where they've just had normal sized pans and even cooking something really simple like pasta and pesto was so much more complicated. There are 8 of us.

The thing I wish I had is probably a magic machine that can sort laundry out grin

insideoutandback Sun 10-Nov-19 13:15:13

Yes the washing and ironing. It never ends. I often wonder if one of thise upright steamer thingys would be better. If we go away to self catering we either take our big pan or end up buying at least one.

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