Eeek just agreed to trying

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Flowerpot26 Mon 28-Oct-19 21:51:59

I didn't know where to post this, so hope it okay here!

My baby is nearly 18m! Not sure how that happened so quick, I've always wanted 2 or 3, but tonight we said "ok let's try next month!!! Omg, will my first always be my baby? I wouldn't want him to feel left out or not be able to do the things I do with him, he's such a happy little boy, and I love my life with him and dh what if it all changes, but if were going to have another then we actually need to do it! But now we've said it out loud not sure if I'm scared or nervous or excited!!
Not sure the point of this question it all this normal?

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MyGoodTimes Mon 28-Oct-19 22:48:45

Congratulations. Remember to start taking your folic acid now, if you're not taking it already. smile

Cornish2 Sat 23-Nov-19 21:05:18

I think it's normal to feel this, I know I did I have 3 and they are all individuals who I love equally for who they are, my youngest 2 are best friends and my eldest is so helpful and dotes on the little ones.
You're bound to be apprehensive but it'll be exiting and yes they'll both always be your babies. Congratulations!!

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