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BlueMermaid96 Sat 19-Oct-19 20:12:41

Hello! Hope this is okay to post!

I created a group on fb due to recently passing on some clothing to someone in need.
It came to my attention, that not only is there a high demand of food banks, that children’s clothes, toys and essentials are also in high demand. THIS IS NOT A GROUP FOR SELLING ITEMS.
There are many families that struggle with the current economy, just managing to get by and it made me think, how can I help?
So I created this group to help others in need of kids items but also, needing to get rid of kids items. We all know how expensive the basic necessities can be some times, the lack of support for families and children in not just Essex but the UK.

The aim of this group is for people to have a safe place to ask for help with items for free as well as, giving away items for free that are no longer needed. If you’re wanting help, but don’t want to directly post, please do let me know & I can do an anonymous post for you.

I have a 1 year old son, I recently gave away, for free, all of his 9-12 month clothing to a lady in need.
If it’s one item, to a bundle - anything and everything can help another family in need.

Let’s support and help others, even if you’re not in need, it’s nice to pass on items that are no longer needed, to have a new lease of life.

Join us Pass it on! Kids UK🥰💙
Please answer all questions and read the rules when joining🥰💙

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