Pregnant with twins, positive stories please!!

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Beatrice900 Sat 21-Sep-19 18:40:48

I've just found out I'm pregnant with twins. I already have a 4 year old and a 2 year old and this was meant to be our third and last baby 😬

I'm looking for some positives of having twins and hopefully some stories of twin pregnancies not being as bad as google is telling me!? I'm feeling incredibly sick and terrified at the moment!


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sleepinginthecar Sat 21-Sep-19 18:50:16

Sorry no advice but hopeful bump for you and bloody good luck!!! Congratulations xx

1984isHappeningNow Sat 21-Sep-19 18:52:39

Pop over to the multiples board. It's a friendly bunch.

PirateWeasel Sat 21-Sep-19 19:03:11

Check out Disasters of a Thirty-Something on Instagram! Hilarious and down to earth twin mum

Chaosonthehorizon Mon 16-Dec-19 20:59:21

I’m in your boat too! Almost sixteen weeks now with two already (5 and 3). I wonder if any of us are near enough and can meet up in real life.

Inniu Mon 16-Dec-19 21:03:16

My twins are now 15 years old. They were born before their older sister was 2.
Pregnancy was tiring, babies were great. It was busy but not the huge stress people seemed to expect.

People were forever saying “You have your hands full” and I would smile and say” I know. Amn’t I lucky”

MrsFoxPlus4Again Mon 16-Dec-19 21:07:07

They are hard work, people will always ask questions, claim you’ve got your hands full. I just tell them to imagine how full my heart is, I already had a son, a daughter born sleeping and my twins weren’t planned. I was terrified. But my god I didn’t know how much I needed these girls in my life, some days I feel like smashing my head off a brick wall other days they have me crying with laughter. It’s an absolute world wind but it’s my most favourite journey yet!

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