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Length of labours

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Crazymummyto3 Sat 07-Sep-19 08:27:33

Cross-posted from the childbirth page as I didn't know where to post it!

We're ttc number 4 at the moment and I'm worrying about another labour due to the speed of my previous ones. My first labour was 11.5 hours, he was back to back and forceps delivery but I had a quick first stage so doctor said it would have been quick for a first baby if he hadn't been stuck. My second labour was 1 hour 40 minutes, very straightforward but I only made it to the hospital with 20 minutes to spare as it is 30 minutes from home. With our third baby we decided on a home birth, my labour was 2 hours but the midwives didn't make it in time and the ambulance got lost so my husband delivered her. Just wondering, anyone who has had 3+ children, have your labours got quicker each time?

Sl33py Mon 09-Sep-19 18:18:34

My labours were quick here are my times below -
1 - 3 hours
2 - 2 hours 15 mins
3 - induced - dull ache all day - once labour started 30 minutes
4 waters broke - 2 hours 30 mins

It was the induction that needed up being the quickest

NcHere Mon 09-Sep-19 18:20:29

1st, 8 hours induction.
2nd, 8 hours natural.
3rd, 6 hours natural.
4th, 4 hours natural (didn't even know I was in labour at rohtine examination. Was 5/6cms)

Windydaysuponus Mon 09-Sep-19 18:22:47

1st 17 hours - pethadine.
2nd 3 hours - gas and air.
3rd 3 hours - gas and air.
4 th 3 hours-gas and air.
No cuts /tears - no stitches.

Bonniegirl435 Wed 30-Oct-19 23:02:22

5 kiddies and very quick labours

1- 3hours34mins
2- 3 hours exactly
3- 1 hour 33mins
4- 20mins (didnt make to hospital, born into my jeans whilst in car)
5- 1 hour30 mins (home birth as worried would be mega quick again)

No pain relief with any of them, gutted slightly, fancied trying gas and air

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