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Pregnant with number three, panicking!

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csla Mon 02-Sep-19 17:52:01

I’m pregnant with number three which was planned. We have two dd (9 and 5) and this is another girl. We ummed and aahed for 2.5 years and finally decided to let fate decide. I fell pregnant the first month and was initially delighted but I’m feeling more and more apprehensive and lately have been panicking. I keep thinking we were sorted financially and career-wise, life was getting easier, both in school etc etc. Now holidays will be hard, childcare costly and I’m scared of the exhaustion. I’m just not sure if I can cope: I’m 26 weeks and feel like it’s closing in then I feel really guilty. My dh was open to a third but was content with two so it was more me driving it. Has anyone else felt like this? Thanks

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CherryMaple Tue 03-Sep-19 04:02:46

I have three - similar age gaps to you. I wouldn’t change my third for the world. Sometimes I look at him, and think I can’t imagine not having him if we had decided to stick at just two DCs. He is wonderful.

With the age gaps that you have, your 9 year old will be able to help out, and you will have the benefit of having just one baby/pre-schooler at home to enjoy. Stuff like holidays is totally doable!

It’s natural to feel the way you do - I remember lying in the ward waiting to go to theatre for my ELCS, and still worrying we’d done the wrong thing. But I wouldn’t swap my DS for the world...

Crazymummyto3 Thu 05-Sep-19 23:00:02

It's natural to panic, whatever the number the baby is as you are changing the dynamics. Our two eldest were 8 and 5 when our youngest was born, so similar to you. I had the same worries about finances, tipping the boat, holidays etc but it has honestly all just fallen into place. I'm a big believer in if it's meant to be it's meant to be, and if it's something that you really want you'll always find a way. Our third has been the easiest transition for us, it's so lovely watching our eldest two with her and she adores them. We have two extra little 'helpers' this time and the bond between them all just makes my heart burst, I honestly can't imagine her not being here now and wouldn't want it any other way. Yes we would have more money if she wasn't here, but she is worth more to us. It's surprising how you manage to adapt, I don't feel as though we miss out on anything we just do things differently now (ie use vouchers for days out, taking picnics instead of eating out - it's shocking how much money you waste every month whrn you really look into it!) We've been on a 2 week holiday abroad this year, we can't go every year but still have opportunities. Now she's here, our family just feels like it's meant to be this way. Having said that, I'm currently having the same thoughts as you about ttc number 4😂

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