Bedtime routine for baby and 2 older DC

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muumimamma Tue 09-Jul-19 20:25:33

Here's what works for me (kids are 1.5 yrs, 4 and 9): After dinner I bathe and put the youngest to bed first. Middle child watches TV while I do that, or sometimes helps with her little sister's bath & bedtime - and then it's her turn for bath & bed. My eldest has a shower and goes to bed by himself by a set time - he's a bit older than your eldest but has been doing that for at least a year. I find this less stressful than trying to deal with 2 or 3 at the same time.

troppibambini Sun 07-Jul-19 11:08:20

I would just slot the baby into that routine.
So take everyone up for bath strip the baby and put on the floor to have a kick while you run the bath put everything you need in one bedroom pjs etc...
Bath the baby with the others let them get their own pjs on while you dress the baby, cuddle the baby while doing story,put the older ones in bed, then take the baby to your room and feed and get to sleep.
That obviously sounds very simple and there maybe nights where things go a bit wrong but thats how I did it with my four.

Hermagsjesty Sat 06-Jul-19 22:10:28

I have a 7yo, a 5yo and a 4 month old baby. At the moment the baby has no real bedtime routine. He’s usually in the carrier during the older DC’s bedtime and then comes down and dozes while DH and I watch TV etc. I then take him to bed when I go at 10ish. But I’m starting to feel he’s ready for a routine. I’m looking for ideas &inspiration about how to slot him into a bedtime routine which works with the other kids. At the moment, the big kids routine is:

5.30pm Tea
Bit of telly/ playtime
6.30pm Bath (together)
Brush teeth, into pyjamas etc
7pm stories (together)
7.30pm into own rooms, cuddle and tuck-up.

Anyone care to share how their works for three? TIA

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