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C-Max Grand drivers opinions please??

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Mammmma Sun 16-Jun-19 15:06:24

Looking at needing a slightly bigger car than our current Golf. Apparently car manufacturers are moving away from MPVs to SUVs. Don’t want a huge 7 seater.
Have 2 young kids under 3 (with possible 3rd in future!)
Think the c-max grand is a good compromise-but don’t see many around. I’m wondering are the 2 small rear seats absolutely pointless as too small for adults and not suitable for any car seats ?? So only kids 10yrs + can use them ??
DH wants a c-max but I prefer the grand with the sliding doors!
Any thoughts from you c-max grand owners?!

MoMandaS Sun 16-Jun-19 15:10:33

My 6 year old sits in a HBB seat in one of the rear seats. Sliding doors are so useful, wish I'd had them years ago.

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