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Pregnant with 4th child

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no1sangel Sun 09-Jun-19 12:05:07

I recently found out I'm pregnant with my 4th baby. I'm worried about the age gap between my kids. My DD1 is 13, DS is 11 and DD2 is 8. I've got no where to put another child either. The girls share a room and can't fit another bed in, my son has the box room so can't fit another bed in there either and he's autistic so can't share and we can't afford to move house. How does everyone else manage with lack of space and a big age gap between their kids?

EverythingNow Sun 09-Jun-19 17:01:29

I have big gaps too. My eldest is 18 and has her own room.
My other 2 are 9 and 8 and share a room, so thankfully we have a spare for when DS arrives in August (well he won't be in there then but you know what I mean) so another big gap between 3 and 4.

Babies don't need their own room for at least the first 6m, maybe even the first few years. Dd3 was in with me for well over a year until we moved house. We moved because dd1 and 2 couldn't share due to age gap and dd2 and 3 at that point were awful sleepers and worse together. Also both 2nd and 3rd bedrooms were tiny so neither fitted 2 full sized beds. But I appreciate that is not an option.

I guess things you could consider are, if your bedoom is bigger than the children's rooms swapping with them so they have the biggest. What rooms do you have downstairs?

I worry about the gap too, especially having done a 9yr gap between 1&2 before. I'm hoping 2 and 3 are less challenging teenagers. There are lots of bonuses though, more help, less jealousy, able to amuse themselves. It will be fine.

laurabmummyof3 Wed 19-Jun-19 22:52:35

Congrats to you both. It’ll all work out just fine once baby is here. My hubby and I always said we’d have 4. Our youngest is just 8 months old, but today he said no more babies. I am devastated!😢

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