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4th birth. Do births generally get quicker?

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EverythingNow Sat 18-May-19 11:16:20

I know noone can really tell me but just out of interest....

I'm expecting #4 in August. Having had 3 late big-ish babies I'm expecting the same to happen this time.

Dd1 (18) was induced at 42wks (b2b, ventouse etc) and it took 12 or 13hrs established labour from waters breaking. 8lb11.
DD2 (9) spontaneous at 9 days overdue. Contractions started at lunchtime on Monday - but totally manageable until about 1/2am Tuesday. Notes say labour was 6hrs - which coincides with when my waters broke-birth. 8lb15.
DD3 (8) was also induced at 42wks. This time just by waters being broken. She was born 2hrs later. 9lb10.

So I'm wondering whether this one will buck the trend and come of his own accord and whether he will be quicker than 2hrs. Or maybe the bigger gap between 3&4 will slow things down?

He is already measuring slightly bigger which I know isn't always accurate but going on past experience... I wonder if he will top 10lb??

MakeMineADouble81 Sun 19-May-19 12:21:40

Congrats on number 4!! My fourth is 8 months and it's been fantastic.

My labours have gotten progressively quicker, 8 hours with #1, 3 hours with #4. According to the midwives I have spoken to it is very commen.

Raver84 Sat 25-May-19 13:58:14

My 4 were
Spontaneous Labour 8 hrs. 8lb12 baby. 40 weeks.
Spontaneous Labour 5 hours. 9lb 2 baby. 41 weeks.
Spontaneous Labour 1 hour 5 mons. 8lb 2 baby.41 weeks.
Induced Labour 45 mins from once contractions started which was a couple of hours after pessary. 9lb baby.

BeauticianNotMagician81 Mon 27-May-19 18:27:41

Mine were:
Spontaneous labour 40 weeks 36 hour labour 6lb 6oz
Spontaneous labour 40 weeks 40 hour labour 6lb 8oz
Spontaneous labour 40 weeks 3 hour labour 7lb 3oz
Spontaneous labour on due date 6 hour labour 7lb 8oz

Th1me Mon 27-May-19 18:33:14

Spontaneous labour 36 hours, forceps, 6lb 3
Spontaneous labour 1 hour 30 mins 6lb 5
Spontaneous labour 7 hour 20 mins 6lb 4
Spontaneous labour - not timed. No regular contractions. Got in bath to relax, baby born 5mins later before ambulance or midwives could get to me. DH had to catch!

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