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Twin travel system - single vs double????

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sunshinebaby2018 Mon 29-Apr-19 21:49:13

smilehello all

What is the twin travel system you recommend from newborns to older ones (ideally get a travel system we can swap from carrycot to push chair and car seat if it comes as a 3 in 1 system or we can buy car seats separately)

Brands you love 💗 and brands to avoid? ⛔️

Also what do you think of two singles instead of a double system? We live in Athens where pavements are narrow and I scared would be a nightmare to manoeuvre a double. But does that mean I am stuck if I wanna go out alone with both? Kinda think it would be easier with one baby in sling and one in single stroller.

What are your experiences and any tips?

Fotos for ideas on single vs double.

When we go back to the UK and babies are older we'd love to invest on an out and about 2-wheeler one.

Thank you

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