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Jealous SIL

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Jollymollyx Tue 16-Jul-19 22:53:03

I try to keep those kind of people at arms length
You don’t need someone giving your or your child negative vibes. Family should never be jealous of one and another and they are dangerous if they are

Stayawayfromitsmouth Sun 28-Apr-19 20:41:15

Avoid. Protect your baby from being kicked in the face! How old are the children?
There are strategies to use. When ds2 was born ds1 was 2yo and not keen on him. He would smack him on the head. I had to show him the right way to play nicely. Such as to tickle feet or tummy. Lots of praise. Oh you want baby's toy, can you find him another toy. Things like that.

lilmisssausage12 Wed 24-Apr-19 07:39:50

I wish this was the solution. I'm going to
Avoid her but it can't be forever. me & OH have told her child off and she kicked off saying we never tells ours off and only hers. Unfortunately that's because hers is the only one that needs telling off in these situations.

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7yo7yo Wed 24-Apr-19 07:31:41

By not seeing her anymore?
Or when her child hits yours telling him/her to stop if she doesn’t?
You need to protect your child.
Her jealousy is her problem not yours. Hopefully if you tell her child if she takes massive offence and stops seeing you, problem solved.

lilmisssausage12 Wed 24-Apr-19 07:25:40

My SIL is so jealous of our baby it's getting the whole family down. She has her own children but she seems to be jealous that our child has hit milestones before hers. It must be hard because the whole family talk about how intelligent our child is who is younger than hers and I always try to downplay it and compliment hers when these discussions arise. I have done nothing but try to make her feel better about late milestones with her children.
Also one of her children has been hitting mine for almost a year now, since ours could crawl. By hitting I mean 6-7 times in half an hour. Kicking my child in the face, pushing, slapping, taking toys.
It is so draining, we have tried to avoid them but it's hard when it upsets other family members. I make sure I am watching constantly and he does it slyly when she isn't looking.
Considering her son is twice my child's age & is off to school soon, surely he should know better? He is never reprimanded for what he does EVER. It is also ok for him to take and play with my child's toys but not ok the other way round, mine has to find something else to play with.
It's gotten so bad that she lets her child lay Oman 2 seater sofa so no one else can sit down, just to keep him quiet.
Ive gotten to the point where I want nothing to do with her or her child anymore but this isn't a solution when the family are so close?! She has also said that my child is the reason hers hits but is not. I've watched the whole thing. He has done it to other family members kids who now avoid them also. I feel so upset by the whole thing, if she just told her child off or asked for help to sort his behaviour then none of this would happen?!
I also wonder if she is talking out loud to her partner about my child & hers has picked up her jealousy towards him. The whole family know she is jealous but nobody says anything. How can this be resolved?!

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