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Day dreaming...

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AlmostPerfectMum Sun 21-Apr-19 20:35:38

Hi I'm a young mum of 3 under 5...
I had my first little one when I was only 18 and lost friends etc...(As you do)
From that moment on my life got better but much more stressful, stressing over silly things, the worrying the sleepless nights checking on them all constantly, trying to be the best mum I could be and best fiance I could be at the same time didn't leave me much room for the person I wanted to be for me...
So now when I'm dropping the kids off and then coming home cleaning, washing, shopping, getting everything ready for when they come home. When I finally get that full half hour just before I pick the kids up I find myself daydreaming, first I daydreamed about a diffirent life what it could have been and I know everyone has these thoughts it's normal but I shook it off, now I tend to just daydream about being by myself for a hole day or 2 😂 just being with me, myself and I. Being able to finish a cup of coffee and read more than a few pages of a good book, binging netflix and eat stuff I know I shouldn't...

I'm interested in what other mums daydream about. Or if they do at all maybe I'm the only one grin

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