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Waiting 18 months before conceiving each child

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Leleophants Thu 04-Apr-19 21:32:08

I've read a few things saying you need to wait 18 months at least before conceiving each child. That seems like a big wait especially as it probably won't happen first time and if you want a big family, how do you do it?

Did anyone do it sooner and how was it medically? How did the midwifes react?

Chocolateisfab Thu 04-Apr-19 21:34:29

I have 14 month gaps and 15 month. Never been an issue.

Tsotofamily Fri 05-Apr-19 08:27:05

I have a 16 month gap between my first 2 and all was fine.

DIZZYTIGGER87 Fri 05-Apr-19 09:30:17

I was told 12 months due to having Emcs with DS.

I think that was more to do with allowing scar to heal fully though.

Not that it mattered, DS is 20mo and still waiting for a BFP

IntoValhalla Fri 05-Apr-19 09:33:58

17 month between my two - DC1 was 8mo when I fell pregnant with DC2. I did get a raised eyebrow from the GP, and the “we recommend you wait at least a year between pregnancies” lecture..... but it was a bit late for that really wasn’t it grin Had the same kind of low risk pregnancy with DC2 as I’d had first time around, and had a textbook, straightforward home birth.

imip Sat 06-Apr-19 07:22:31

Never been an issue with 5 babies.

I had infertility conceiving my first dc. She was stillborn very sadly. I got pregnancy on my first period 4 weeks later. There is 10 months between them.

Next child was 19, then 20 and then 22 months later. I breastfed and it took a while for my period to come back, this dictated my gaps. After so much difficulty getting pregnant and losing my eldest child, I got pregnant with each subsequent child on my first period.

stucknoue Sat 06-Apr-19 07:26:39

I would wait at least 12 month before ttc minimum, mine are 2 years apart and it was very hard pre school age

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