Baby hates our noisy house

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wejammin Thu 21-Mar-19 14:04:59

He loves white noise, and gentle singing. He's definitely a sensitive little flower!

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imip Wed 20-Mar-19 08:40:08

Given you have one child with ASD, it could be that your child has a real sensory sensitivity to noise. You could approach it like that? Try white noise? Calming music to block out noise?

TigerQuoll Tue 19-Mar-19 07:54:23

Interesting that he hates noise. In my niece's child care centre there's an eight month old baby who is youngest of 5 and he can't have his naps in the nap room - he'll just cry. He has to have them in the main room where it is noisy or he won't sleep at all. Since that's what he is used to at home - lots of constant noise.

Yours will probably get used to it, and won't be comfortable in the silence!

wejammin Sun 17-Mar-19 19:41:08

DC3 is 4 months old and I have a 7 year old and a 4 year old.

Both older children are impossibly loud, DD(4) seems to have no volume control, and DS(7) is fine when talking but is high functioning autistic and when he is anxious will engage in repetitive shouting out or singing. Added to this they argue all.the.time about everything, when they're not best mates (it changes every few minutes) and DD is a screamer.

I prefer the calm talking approach to parenting (mostly) but DH is definitely a shouter.

Added to this, our cat has dementia and yowls randomly in the evenings.

Baby is lovely and when the house is empty in the day, he is a happy little thing who loves to lie on his mat for ages kicking about.

When other people are around he is really clingy, and when anyone shouts or cries, he gets hysterical and I feel awful, like I've brought him into this chaos and he can't escape. I put him in the sling so he's close but I can't avoid everyone in the house.

Just wondering if you had a noise-hater in your busy house and how you/they managed?

It doesn't help that we only have a 2 bed terrace with open plan downstairs, so there's no breathing space. We will move when I go back to work!

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