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More kids?

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underthe Wed 13-Mar-19 16:38:16

I have 3 kids. 5,2,8 months!
I really would love more kids but my husband doesn't he's said he's done and wants the snip! What was your thoughts of going 3 to 4? Good and bad point ( if any ) thank you

WrathOfGrapes Thu 14-Mar-19 18:53:32

If you're husband doesn't want any more kids then you can't make him. I've not got any advice about going from 3-4 as mine didn't go quite like that but, as your youngest is still so little, I wouldn't.
Think: If your husband comes around to the idea and you conceive quickly then you'll have a newborn, a toddler and two school age children at once. That's a lot to deal with.

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