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Anyone with 5 under 5?

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icantpickausername Sun 10-Mar-19 15:15:32

How are you still alive?

I already have 3 dc aged 4yo, 3yo and 15 months and have just found that I'm pregnant with identical twins.

This pregnancy wasn't planned in the first place and I'd just got my head around the fact that I'm having another one before I went for my scan.

Not entirely sure what I'm looking for posting on here but practical advice and reassuring stories are very much needed and appreciated

mummytobjdl Mon 11-Mar-19 12:48:59

Hi, I'm new to all this, I've just posted on here.. I'm 25 got a 5,4,3,2 year olds! 😳 people call me crazy! However expecting 5th just found out, I'm in love with them all.. get good/bad days.. school/playschool runs are hard.. all I'm worried about with this one is what family are going to say when they find out, as they was not happy with 3rd and 4th :/ apart from that I'm very exited! Hopefully not got twins though 🙈 you'll be fine they will slot in with your other baby's! And everything will workout and be fine 😬 not got much advice 😕xx

WrathOfGrapes Mon 11-Mar-19 22:46:01

Have joined Mumsnet to answer this.
I had triplet DD's with ex. He left when they were babies and I might DP just before they turned one. He had twin boys of a similar age and a 3 yo DD. We've later had a DS together. All DC are with us full time. Current ages:
7 years 3 months
4 years 9 months
4 years 9 months
4 years 7 months
4 years 7 months
4 years 7 months
2 years 1 month

It's all pretty hectic. Is there anything in particular you want to know?

WrathOfGrapes Tue 12-Mar-19 20:13:58

As for practical advice for multiples-
- You have to be a far stricter parent than you may have wanted to be. You probably have enough DC to know this, but especially when you have multiples well behaved children are somewhat a blessing.
- for double buggies etc, I'd recommend buying second hand it could set you back quite a lot.
- try and have a routine from day one. Regardless of what Mumsnetters may say, it is not emotional abuse

There's loads of other stuff. Hope you're okay, OP

deadsexy Tue 12-Mar-19 21:01:42

You are all such an inspiration, I'm sat here opened mouthed. Huge admiration at your patience, love and strength!

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