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Multiple c sections

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Frazzledmum123 Tue 19-Feb-19 23:19:56

I currently have 3 dc and desperately would like a 4th (and final). However I had to have sections with each of my babies, 2 emergency, one 'elective' so I've been doing a bit of research googling about whether a 4th is advisable. From what I've read the scarring and adhesions aren't too much of a concern, it's more about the condition of the uterus afterwards, how thin it is etc.
Just wondering if anyone know how I find this out? Will it be written in my notes or is there a pre conception appointment I could book on the nhs? I spoke briefly to a doctor last year before we were properly considering it and I seem to remember him implying you only discover a problem at the time not before but this can't be right surely? Any advice would be great, thanks

imip Fri 22-Feb-19 15:52:51

I’ve had 4 sections. 2 emergency and two planned. They should tell you after your last section if they do not advise anymore, but you could get someone to look into your notes - not sure if GP is the right person to go to. If your uterus looked thin during the section they should tell you, the same if scarring was bad. I guess there is an element of not knowing until you’re pregnant though.

I sailed through 3 sections and was really happy with my stomach. My 4th section ruined me though!

Mixedupmummy Tue 26-Feb-19 10:27:05

I've had 3 sections and they told me I had lots of scarring and adhesions and that another would be a bad idea. I'm thought the general advice was to have no more than 3 but I think if you were particularly high risk you'd have been told already. always worth checking though and discussing the risks with an obstetrician. you can request post natal appointments to talk through everything if you need to. can't remember how I went about initiating it but I had one.

Catsandbootsandbootsandcats Tue 26-Feb-19 10:34:06

I've had 4 and was never told not to have anymore. My family was finished though so it's not something I've though about.

I do know people who have had 6. Personally I wouldn't want to risk that many.

SugarMiceInTheRain Tue 26-Feb-19 10:34:43

I've had 3, and my uterus ruptured while I was on the operating table just before they made the first incision for my 3rd c-section. I wasn't that big 3rd time round either, 3rd baby was only 6lb 3oz. Definitely no more for me I think. Consultant did say if I had a 4th it would be done by her at 37 weeks at the very latest. Quite frankly, I don't feel it's worth the risk for me.

Frazzledmum123 Tue 26-Feb-19 11:40:19

Thank you all for the replies. They did mention I had a lot of adhesions 3rd time round and were concerned at one point they may have damages my bladder but it was all fine. My husband thought they were hinting at no more but they definitely didn't say so and I'd have thought they would have been more specific if it was a real risk?
@Mixedupmummy I think it's called 'birth afterthoughts' and I know this is an option but comes at a cost. I assumed it was more to do with the emotional side of why it happened but maybe this would cover it.
@imip my third was the easiest (deslite being a 10lb er) but I'm still ruined looks wise lol
@Catsandbootsandbootsandcats I do remember a consultant telling me he had done 5 on one person but I agree, I wouldn't push it past 4 myself, if be past it by then anyway really.
@SugarMiceInTheRain gosh that's scary! Its so difficult because part of me thinks I'd be selfish to risk it again but then the thought of having no more is really hard for me to take too. Perhaps I'll start with the birth afterthoughts thing then, see if that brings anything up
Thanks again ladies

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