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4th births

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annie8417 Mon 11-Jun-18 19:46:32

Hi everyone , wasn't sure where I should post this, didn't get much from the pregnancy threads but I was wondering those who have had 4 or more babies , what's the birth like?

I'm 38wks pregnant with my 4th and for some reason I'm really nervous this time.

Is it generally quicker, easier? Did you find they cane on time etc?

foolonthehill Tue 12-Jun-18 20:51:55

Well I would say they are as unpredictable as the first 3!!

I had 4 in 5 years 1st was induced and distressed 2 days in labour, 2nd was 4 weeks early and very quick, 3rd was 20 days "late" and tiny with a longer labour over all but fast going from 2cm to 10 in 10 minutes, 4th was on time and larger baby but very quick (born on the hall floor).

Good luck, each time is different, special and nerve wracking but at least you and your body have done this before!

RandomMess Tue 12-Jun-18 20:56:23

Was by far my "best" birth mainly I think because I was so much more chilled about it, was far more worried about 6 months of a silent reflux baby than a 2-3 day labour grin

Knew it would be big, be overdue and be induced, no homebirth and so on...

2 lots of induction gel/pessary, hurt for 10 hours, official labour 2 minutes!

Hideandgo Wed 13-Jun-18 12:08:09

I really knew what I was doing, it was textbook and quick. But I fucking hated every second of it and cried and cried when it was over. It was an unplanned pregnancy and I resented having to do it again so I think that played a major part. The baby is a darling and we love him massively but the birth was as horrible as births are.

But as I said it was quick and textbook. I hypnobirthed easily to 8cm.

annie8417 Wed 13-Jun-18 13:13:00

I have no idea why I'm dreading it so much , I don't know if it's the fact 'I'm an experienced mother' as I keep getting told and my other births I just got left to it, even tho I'm scared and want reassurance, or if it's just having flash backs to the pain and not being offered pain relief.

It's playing on my mind now as it's so close

foolonthehill Wed 13-Jun-18 14:15:20

if you are going into hospital for the birth...tell them you are fearful, people (midwives)are usually kind and want to help so if they know they will be able to reassure you and communicate better. If they don't know, they can't respond.

I speak as someone who naturally becomes withdrawn and monosyllabic when scared and thus looks in control and knows I need reassurance and am terrified unless I tell them what I am like.

NukaColaGirl Wed 13-Jun-18 14:18:00

Birth 1 - 36 hours forceps
Birth 2 - 94 mins
Birth 3 - 40 mins
Birth 4 - 5 mins blush

I was in hospital with high blood pressure when my waters broke and I started having contractions. Barely got down to labour ward in time!

Aprilshouldhavebeenmyname Wed 13-Jun-18 14:24:01

I have had many many dc and the nerves are still there no matter how many you already have had!!
2,3+4 were less than 3 hours.
You will be fine!!

Dumbledoresgirl Wed 13-Jun-18 14:25:16

Well, it wasn't my easiest birth. That fell to No. 3 but she was a lot lighter than her 3 siblings and I literally pushed her out in a couple of pushes.

No. 4, I was very stressed all pregnancy, like you. I was very scared of the pain. Try not to stress about it. That would be my advice to you. I stressed for 9 months and I remember thinking straight afterwards, how stupid I had been to stress for 9 months over something that would take a few hours.

But yes, it was easier. Not easier than No3, as I have said, but it turned out No4 was a back to back baby, same as No1, and weighed the same as No1. But for No1, I was induced, laboured for hours, and had a forceps delivery. No4, I went into spontaneous labour, I managed on only gas and air, and when it came to pushing, he took a bit longer than the midwives were expecting (because he was back to back and they had not realised) but i am only talking 20 mins or so instead of 2. Your body learns what to do to deliver a back to back baby, I was told.

So don't stress it. Every labour is unique, but it is likely it won't be as bad for you as others have been.

Dumbledoresgirl Wed 13-Jun-18 14:27:51

Oh, meant to add, I was offered the gas and air with No4 because I arrived at the hospital in such a panic. It was to help regulate my breathing, rather than to be pain relief. blush

mummabearfoyrbabybears Wed 13-Jun-18 14:38:17

Totally unpredictable. After three normal, easy and quick births. Mr 4 came along after a 5 hour labour (the others were two or less) and then got rushed into special care not breathing. Spent 10 days on life support and even longer being weaned off. I'd never even spent a night in hospital before him. Worth it though. He's five now and bloody awesome smile

annie8417 Wed 13-Jun-18 16:10:35

Thank you for all of your replies and yes your right I need to communicate with the midwives, I tend to go very quiet and just get on with it so they'd have no idea if I was panicking.

Just got wish she'd hurry up now 🤞

Montsti Thu 14-Jun-18 19:47:50

I had 4 c sections (no.2 an emergency)...I was also most nervous about my 4th but maybe because I was old and also that I was pushing my luck....(excuse the pun)...other than it taking forever to get the spinal in, the birth was straightforward.

I was definitely most relaxed about my 1st birth!

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