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Ford Tourneo (van) or Seat Alhambra (car)?! Help!

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HeartOfPack Sat 13-Jan-18 22:27:12

My wonderful toyota previa has just been written off by a total muppet who apparently can't see a car of that size so i'm in a flap looking for a new car.

We think we have narrowed it down to 2:

Seat Alhambra - closest match to the previa but boot space a bit smaller and can't lift out the seats so would have to slide one seat forward to access the rear row (i used my previa with one side seat on the middle row missing for ease of access).

Ford Tourneo - clearly no shortage of space!! but it is a van, big, probably awkward to park/manouver etc. also insurance can be tricky for it as its a commerical vehicle.

we have 4 DC, currently all under 8 but thinking forward having 4 teenagers.

so anyone changed for a 7 seater car to a larger van? regretted it? loved it?

Which would you go with?

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