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Ford Tourneo (van) or Seat Alhambra (car)?! Help!

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HeartOfPack Sat 13-Jan-18 22:27:12

My wonderful toyota previa has just been written off by a total muppet who apparently can't see a car of that size so i'm in a flap looking for a new car.

We think we have narrowed it down to 2:

Seat Alhambra - closest match to the previa but boot space a bit smaller and can't lift out the seats so would have to slide one seat forward to access the rear row (i used my previa with one side seat on the middle row missing for ease of access).

Ford Tourneo - clearly no shortage of space!! but it is a van, big, probably awkward to park/manouver etc. also insurance can be tricky for it as its a commerical vehicle.

we have 4 DC, currently all under 8 but thinking forward having 4 teenagers.

so anyone changed for a 7 seater car to a larger van? regretted it? loved it?

Which would you go with?

PaskinRobbin Wed 28-Feb-18 10:53:00

We have a Hyundai i800 which is a car based on a van. It’s great as regards room for our 4 kids. It has 8 seats and a huge boot. It’s also nice to drive and very manoeuvrable. Compared to other large cars it was also very cheap second hand.

The only issue we have is that we don’t have off street parking, and on-street parking is at a premium where we live. So the car has been bumped and scraped a few times, and we often have to park quite far from our house if a larger space is not available nearby. So I’m considering downgrading to something smaller, which is a shame.

Whitelisbon Wed 28-Feb-18 11:06:54

We've got a tourneo.
It (just) fits in normal parking spaces, but multistoreys and some drive thrus are a no go.
It's surprisingly easy to drive, has a teeny turning circle.
Loads of space inside - 2 of the seats in the middle row have isofix and top tethers if that's important to you.
Best thing is being able to climb in out of the rain to strap the kids in!
We have 3 in erf seats, 1 in a hbb, and often extras too.
Rear row we have 2 in erf seats and the hbb in between them, and there's loads of space between the seats.
And it's a Ford, so parts are cheapish.

Negatives- the insurance is a nightmare, we pay about £600 a year but can't do comparisons online, have to call specialist companies. (Hint - ask them if they cover 9 seater minibuses for personal use first of all)
It's basically a van with seats and windows. So it's a bit rattly and a bit loud and takes ages to warm up inside.
Opening the boot is a pain, especially if someone parks behind you.
It's crap in the snow.
It's not got much oomph to pull away at busy junctions and things, although it's fine once it's moving.

The front middle seat has no airbag, so you can put a rear facing seat in it.

We get about 40mpg, so it's reasonably economical, tax is 25 ish a month.

Whitelisbon Wed 28-Feb-18 11:09:07

Oh, and breakdown cover is a pain.
I've got it in with the insurance this year, last year I had it with a company that specialises in minibus breakdown cover - it was £50 for the year for everything except homestart, which was an extra £50!

AuntFidgetWonkhamStrongNajork Wed 28-Feb-18 14:00:41

An 8 seater rather than a 9 seater Tourneo is very easy to insure - we were paying £250 on a 14 plate. And also, with the 8 seater you can park anywhere and walk in between the front two seats and out of the slidey doors. It's got a teeny turning circle, ours has sensor parking. Yes to the PP and watching out for heights of car parks. This website: is brilliant as it lists them all grin

I tried a i800 and the Tourneo is much more flexible with moving the rear seats, folding them up/down etc. It was a game changer for fitting everything we could possibly want for a day out or holiday.

PaskinRobbin Fri 02-Mar-18 11:26:14

Yes the lack of seat flexibility in the i800 is a definite drawback. We normally have lots of kids in ours so not really an issue but it would be good to be able to fold the seats to carry large items. Apparently the seats can be removed altogether by undoing a few bolts but it sounds a faff.

If I had the money I’d be looking at the Citroen SpaceTourer/Peugeot Traveller. It looks like the ideal car for larger families and has excellent reviews.

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