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Anyone else with 4 boys?

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Mumof3cheeky Sun 10-Dec-17 18:01:10

We not long found out we are having another little stinker and we are over the moon and can’t wait to tell my other ds they are having a baby brother. Life is already noisy and smelly with lots of inappropriateness so I can only imagine what it will be like with another one thrown in 😀

Anyone out there for a fun and lighthearted chat about boys only? 😁

4cheekymonkey Sat 25-May-19 20:56:10

Fastforward a year and ds4 is almost 1 and I can safely say I’m slightly loosing my (shit) mind!! The arguments and competition is unbelievable. Ds4 is constantly poorly hence he isn’t a very happy baby! A day like today I just needed to read through this thread to appreciate my ds!!

MakeMineADouble81 Sun 26-May-19 11:59:15

Aww sorry you are feeing overwhelmed. I hope your littlest fella feels better soon. My 3rd guy was like that with constant throat infections but grew out of it thankfully. My boys are 8,5, 3 & 8 months and the fighting between the eldest 3 drives me mad 🙈. I think it's non stop with 4 kids though regardless of their sex!!

4cheekymonkey Sun 26-May-19 18:57:30

Thank you! It’s always nice to hear I’m not the only one loosing their shit 😀 agree the fighting is mind blowing. I feel the same and have no clue what to do about it! Struggle to ignore it tho 🙄

chocolatefudgecake157 Tue 20-Aug-19 21:40:12

Sorry, realise this is an old thread but it has really cheered me up, so thank you!

I have 3 gorgeous boys - 4, 2 and 1. I love them with all my heart. But I've been feeling sad recently about never having a daughter. I hate myself for feeling like that. I know how lucky I am.

I worry I won't be as close to them in their later years. Any grandmothers out there who can give me reassuring stories??

4cheekymonkey Wed 21-Aug-19 06:54:18

Hi @chocolatefudgecake157 I can partially sympathise with you. While I have never wished for a girl as such I worry about how close we ll be when they are older and have their own family. Saying that I'm not sure just because you have a daughter, it's guaranteed you will have a close bond later on in life. My mum and I have never had an amazing relationship. I love her dearly and want the best for her but we have just never got on very well. Distance did a lot of good to our relationship and have definitely made me appreciate her more. My other half always says outlr boys will always adore me and I just hope that will be the case smile

chocolatefudgecake157 Thu 22-Aug-19 14:36:07

Thanks 4cheekymonkey I'm glad it's just not me that worries! It's silly really, I think society conditions us to believe sons will not be as close yet I can think of so many examples to the contrary

Here's hoping they worship us wink

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