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Ex husband new partner

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Lucylocket12 Tue 05-Dec-17 12:20:46

Hi all, im divorced with shared care of our 2 children.

My ex husband has moved is new partner & daughter in with him. (I have a partner & 2 step sons) we all get together (my ex & partner) for important occasions, but my ex refuses bring her to anything as a joint family & he refuses to allow me to meet is partner. I have no beef, I purely would like to meet the lady whom lives with my children & is caring/will be helping bring them up when my 2 stay over.

My ex says I’m being unreasonable as it’s non of my business? I have asked what her thoughts are as she’s part of our extended family too. Is he right or am I being overbearing

Advice please would be greatly received

nigelschristmasham Tue 05-Dec-17 15:01:23

I think it's reasonable to want to meet the new partner briefly, even if just to say hello, not least because it sets a good example
For the kids, where it's possible for there to be some cordiality which in this case it seems there is...
as long as it's not about quizzing the woman on her suitability but just about being friendly I'd say it was the right thing to do.
What's your ex's problem with it?

Tinselistacky Sun 10-Dec-17 13:21:57

Likely because she will realise you aren't the version he has told her you are!!

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