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Talk to me about 3!

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MamaDuckling Wed 08-Nov-17 06:46:48

Just found out I'm pg with no. 3!

Absolutely not planned and I'm very unsure what to do (that's another thread).

Please tell me all the great things about having 3. I am one of 3, so obviously I have some idea, but I don't remember my own early years.

DS would be 4.5, DD, 2.5, plus DC3 due July.

Eeeek. Terrified.

Tsotofamily Wed 08-Nov-17 10:07:30


Having 3 is great, that great that i went on to have no.4. Yes life is crazy and busy but theres always someone for the kids to talk too/play with.
One tip i can give is to be super organised, specially when they start school.

euanthesheepiloveyou Wed 08-Nov-17 10:59:53

Three is fab. So fab that I doubled it & went onto have 6. I found 3 easier than 2 to be honest. The more different combinations of playmates they have, the better. Do not worry at all.

MamaDuckling Wed 08-Nov-17 11:14:17

Thanks both! What were your age gaps??

Tsotofamily Wed 08-Nov-17 16:03:39

16 months between dd1 and ds
3 years 8 months between ds and dd2
4 years 6 months between dd2 and dd3

Would love to have another 1 smile

euanthesheepiloveyou Thu 09-Nov-17 01:01:23

Just under a year between 1 & 2.
2 years 3 months between 2 & 3.
2 years 4 months between 3 & 4.
23 months between 4 & 5.
2 years 4 months between 5 & 6.
9 & 1/2 years between eldest & youngest.

SantasLittleMonkeyButler Thu 09-Nov-17 01:08:48

3 is a good number to have (biased grin).

I have bigger age gaps though - mine are now 20, 16 & 6!


ruthieruthuk Fri 10-Nov-17 12:14:52

We have four boys aged 4,2,17months and 11days, life is certainly busy but don’t know what I would do without them now!

Family support is a biggie, we don’t have a lot tbh just my mum who helps out with them, hubbies parents are ok but we don’t see a lot of them.

Have you kept stuff, clothes etc from your previous children? We have stored a lot of stuff in the loft so shopping wise we haven’t needed as much.

Bear in mind car seats if you drive? Is your car big enough to hold three car seats?

BubblesBuddy Fri 10-Nov-17 12:19:38

Extra hotel rooms, bigger car, logistics with after school clubs and school/nursery start times, having to ask favours of other people all the time, no time for yourself, expense - three’s a crowd! Good luck though!

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