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How do you cope with a newborn

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Monstersincq Sun 03-Sep-17 06:37:35

Recently had 4th DC (not sure if I qualify for larger families yet? But thought seemed most appropriate place to post).

DC4 is turning out to be like all my others. No sleepy newborn phase. No conking out on the boob, or just falling asleep as and when while being cuddled or bounced or anything. Massively resistant to sleep and certainly won't stay asleep for more than maybe five or six minutes.

I know a sling is the answer. But I'm so reluctant to live my life like that. I'd be fine with it if it worked easily. But my last baby lived in a sling and still didn't really sleep unless I went on a pounding walk outside and played white noise. We ended up spending our whole lives out. Which is mostly ok but I now have school kids and I don't want to force them to be out of the house all day long etc: So it isn't like oh I'll pop him into a sling and then be able to get on with supper and playing guess who and hoovering up and brushing teeth, baths etc.

My last DC is also probably my worst nighttime sleeper so far. And I put that a bit down to pandering to whatever she wanted for an easy life (in terms of sleep).

I would massively appreciate advice on how to get through it. Generally my kids level out when they start walking and when I only have one nap to contend with (although have never really achieved the much longed for 2 hour afternoon sleep that they fall asleep by themselves etc).

Before anyone says anything I'm not a total softie! I have done sleep training etc. But obviously that's not appropriate for a newborn!

Any advice would be much much appreciated!

imip Sun 03-Sep-17 07:04:53

Honestly? I just waited out the first year or so with dd4. I did use a sling though - ergo carrier.

We always did the playground after school. It was tricky, but 5 years in I barely remember the shitty nights I had with 4 dc who never bloody slept!

Monstersincq Sun 03-Sep-17 09:29:44

Thanks and yes I agree on just making it through the first year!

I have seen talk of magical swings that rock the baby to sleep. Haven't had before because of all the rod for your own back stuff but I currently really don't care! Any truth to these being able to swing a baby to sleep?

corrianderisevil Fri 15-Sep-17 13:59:53

Only 3 DC's here but can vouch for a swing - I put mine in the kitchen/dining room so that it's somewhere to put the baby while I do breakfast/dinner/homework etc etc. Even if you don't use it to get them to sleep, the motion is enough to occupy them while awake and long enough for you to actually do something productive. Didn't form bad habits either as started sleep training without the need to be rocked to sleep. Good luck op, you will get through this and all will be a distant memory before too long.

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