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Your family story!

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MummyMustard Thu 31-Aug-17 04:45:05

What is your story? Did you always know you wanted a big family? Did it just happen? Did you or your partner need convincing for just one more?

I was clucky from a VERY young age (15) and thought I wanted 10 kids by the time I was 18 (I thought that, I didn't have 10 at 18!)

When I met my husband I told him that's how many I wanted. He thought I was joking at first haha.

MaidenMotherCrone Thu 31-Aug-17 04:47:24

How many do you have?

euanthesheepiloveyou Thu 31-Aug-17 13:44:37

How many did you have, MummyMustard? I NEVER wanted kids & didn't think I would have any. I felt this way all through my teens & 20s. My husband is from a big family & always wanted kids but had accepted that if we got married we probably wouldn't have any. We were married at 29. I had my first child at 30. I'm now thinking of just one more - which would be number 7 - but it really would be the last one as I'll be 40 soon. If not though, I'm more than happy with our little tribe of 6!! Still can't quite believe it sometimes - to think that at one point I thought I didn't want children!

Mrscropley Thu 31-Aug-17 13:46:04

I had 4@24,
6@30 and then 11 by 43.
Not really a life's plan but wanted and don't regret any of them. .

BrutusMcDogface Thu 31-Aug-17 22:32:24

Yes MummyMustard, how many do you have?

I always said I was going to have either two or four as I didn't want an odd number. I currently have three and carefully considering a fourth!

MummyMustard Fri 01-Sep-17 07:45:50

Sorry, I have pregnancy brain! I can't believe I forgot to share haha.
Baby 5 due in November. smile

@euanthesheepiloveyou - wow that is awesome! 7 sounds good! What would the age gap be between the 6th and 7th?

@Mrscropley - 11, that is so cool! I have never met a family that big (only heard about them through the grapevine) and I absolutely love following big family blogs of families that size.

@BrutusMcDogface - 4 is a good number. I wonder about that odd number thing, too. I remember a father of 3 telling me once "knowing what he knows now, he would have had either 2 or 4" I think it depends on the family dynamic and how well they play together. Also I wonder when the family grows so large if having an odd number matters. Like, maybe 3 matters for some people but then you could have 5 or 7 or 9 and it wouldn't feel strange having an odd number. Hmmm.. I love thinking about stuff like this!

BrutusMcDogface Fri 01-Sep-17 08:54:01

Mummy- they do play nicely together but there's often one left out sad I've been driving myself mad reading blogs and articles about how having a fourth tips people over the edge!! Obviously didn't do that to you if you're on number 5- congrats! Are you still planning on having 10?! grin

euanthesheepiloveyou Fri 01-Sep-17 09:38:54

Well number 6 is 6 months but I'm b/feeding, so unlikely to get pregnant anytime soon. I pretty much have a 2 year gap (give or take) with them all, except 1 & 2, who have just under a year between them (Irish twins!!) Not quite sure how that happened as I was b/feeding no.1 too! 🤣

euanthesheepiloveyou Fri 01-Sep-17 09:41:46

Brutus - I would defo go for no.4...there isn't much of a jump between 3 & 4, compared to 2 & 3. I guess you'd need a new car? But other than that, 4 is fab!!

BrutusMcDogface Fri 01-Sep-17 18:20:16

Definitely a new car! Plus my dh works away a lot, so I'm worried about how I'd cope...

BrutusMcDogface Fri 01-Sep-17 18:21:05

However, thanks for your lovely response! smile

ladystarkers Sat 02-Sep-17 23:18:19

4 and just sort of happened.🤣 Done now.

Minifootballteam Sun 17-Sep-17 22:25:01

I'd love to say I planned to have a huge family but, tbh, I'm accident prone. 5 kids, only 1 actually planned but wouldn't change anything

mummytwoh Mon 18-Sep-17 21:15:41

I've always wanted a large family went from 10 as a teen and early 20s to 5. I'm currently pregnant with number 3.
I've had hyperemesis with this one which has completely put me off ever being pregnant again (being sick 20+ times a day does that to you). Would like more and worry about having an odd number but right now can't imagine being pregnant again.

BeauticianNotMagician81 Thu 21-Sep-17 07:57:05

I had two from a previous relationship who have nothing to do with their biological father. Then I had two with my DH. I love all my boys dearly but number 4 definitely did push me to my limit. No more for us as DH has had the snip. Mine are 12, 11, 4 and 1.

caitlinohara Thu 21-Sep-17 22:41:34

About to be 40 and desperate for a 4th but youngest nearly 6 now and I worry the gap too big. Space also an issue. Oh and the fact that dh not keen! angry

TwoBoysandaGirl Tue 26-Sep-17 18:05:34

Had my first at 30, second at 33 and ummed and ahhhed forever about whether or not to go for a third. Throw a redundancy into the mix and a boring, grown up chat about it "not being the right time". Luckily our last little bean had already burrowed in by then and arrived fairly shortly after that! 3's enough for us - I'm very tired and very done ✅ 👍😴

Needmorehands Thu 28-Sep-17 19:16:20

Always wanted a big family, had just about decided we weren't going to stop at 2 when we found out we weren't stopping at 2! (19month gap) currently have 4 and thought we were done. However, DH took too long to arrange snip so now after a 5yr gap, we're expecting number5! and caitlinohara I'm very nearly 40 too, so you may have 1 more in you yet!

Louw12345 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:20:22

I have 5 girls and it's the only odd number I love haha that and my new family.

I only fully planned 1 of them and that's my second. I have twins who are a 5 year gap from my 2nd then just under 2 year gap from twins and youngest.

My partner has 2 children and wants one with me.

We are a family of 9 however I think hos children are too young 4 and 6 (their mum says bad things about us infront of them) and I just don't think her calling their sibling infront of them will help anything.

Hopefully in a few years tho

Louw12345 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:21:08

Eventhou I only planned one I have always wanted a big family.

Bigfamily10 Sat 13-Jan-18 16:08:51

Sorry I’m late in commenting- I only wanted 2 but at 18 I had 6 , a set of triplets , a set of twins and then a singleton 22 months apart in total

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