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fudgecat Wed 30-Aug-17 17:19:32

#4 is on the way and i have realised that a standard "family" calendar isn't going to work anymore as we will need 6 columns. Anyone know of anywhere that does larger ones? Tia

TheDrsDocMartens Wed 30-Aug-17 18:19:34

They personalise them too so you can put birthdays etc on them

featherup Wed 30-Aug-17 19:09:07

The national trust do one with 5 columns. I now prefer the Google calander on my phone though. Each child is assigned a house colour anyway (for tooth brushes, towels and things as it saves asking what something belongs to if it's not where it should be) so I just assign the colour accordingly. I also can give myself a reminder for school things.

MummyMustard Thu 31-Aug-17 02:24:35

I never buy calendars, but I have seen whiteboards with little squares and days of the week on them. You could print them online, too, that would save a lot of money.

Congrats on your impending arrival!

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