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Affording holiday clubs/ extra curricular hobbies

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SleepFreeZone Mon 07-Aug-17 08:28:05

I'm expecting no.3 and I'm already concerned about how we are going to manage the long summer holidays and extra curricular stuff.

I'm one of two and when we were younger we were heavily involved with horses and used to just disappear off to the local rising school everyday where we helped out. My parents both went to work so that was holiday care and a hobby all in one!

Currently my eldest does a couple of afternoons at holiday club each week over the school holidays and it really makes my life easier. I'm concerned this isn't going to be financially viable though once i have 3 so I was wondering if there were any pursuits or hobbies that would also eat up some of the holidays. For example he is on the waiting list for Beavers when he gets to 6. Does this also do stuff over the summer that could keep them occupied? Any other clubs that would be affordable? He does swimming that works out around £5 a class which I think is really good but st the moment that's all he does.

Thank you.

Tsotofamily Mon 07-Aug-17 08:57:36

Congratulations on dc3flowers

I have 4dcs - normally the club's they do after school don't run in the holidays, most just run term time (my son went to beavers and that was term time only) swimming runs through the holidays and obviously horse riding. My son loves football so quite often I will find him a football camp to go to over the holidays/ half term. My dd1 has also gone to multisports.
This holiday tho we haven't booked anything, mainly coz the only football camp thats running my son didnt enjoy last time.

I would say cheaper activities would be beavers/ brownies etc, football and rugby, my son is part of an athletics group which is only £44 for the year but again this doesn't run through the holidays. Everything else costs quite a bit - my daughters dance and I feel like I'm paying the teachers mortgage most terms but they love it and are happy

SleepFreeZone Mon 07-Aug-17 10:18:45

Thank you 💐

I hate how everything just grinds to a halt over the summer. I have 8 weeks this year to navigate and like I said, it's only vaguely working because I'm keeping the eldest busy. The thought of a newborn, a two year old and a five year old is starting to scare me a lot 😬

Tsotofamily Mon 07-Aug-17 11:05:49

When mine were younger we spent alot of time at the park, walking around the woods, doing crafts and I also became a member of a wetlands trust.

This summer so far unless I've been working we have gone out nearly everyday, dd3 birthday is first week of the holidays so that filled a few days of being busy. Groupon has helped too specially as we haven't really had the best of weather either.
Things that are relatively cheap that my lot love are roller skating, swimming and bowling. Or even skate parks with scooters

Raver84 Mon 07-Aug-17 21:22:55

I've 4 which are 7 and under. During holidays it's park anf beach. The last two weeks that's what we've done. Along with walks in the woods and bike and scooter rides. We've done a different park each day; they take turns to choose from a box each day what we will do. Tomorrow is raining so it's soft play. I spent 20 quid first week of holiday and same second week. Take picnics everywhere. I've got a couple of days out booked through groupon. The two youngest go free most places as under 5.

I not adverse to paying for clubs but all mine stop for summer, dds dance and drama stops though I have booked a week or swimming lessons which was £30 at local lesiure centre

Strawberrybubblebath Sat 12-Aug-17 23:22:23

I have 4 and we don't do any holiday clubs that you pay for. Trips to the park, library, crafts at home, playing in the garden, walks, reading, jigsaws, just letting them play. They are allowed 1/2 hr of iPad/computer time a day, and 1 hr of tv too.

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