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7 seater car/double pram Jenga

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Frazzlerock Tue 30-May-17 11:16:16

We have just bought a Grand C4 Picasso but, as with most 7 seaters, the boot seems rather tiny once all the seats are up.

Can anyone recommend a double pram that will fit with all the seats up?

I had my hopes set on a Donkey as I am a bit of a Bugaboo fiend but I've a feeling there is no way in hell that's getting into the boot with all the seats up.

I figured you larger families would be the oracle of this predicament!

Frazzlerock Tue 30-May-17 14:51:46

hmm... having done a bit of googling, it appears the whole double pram/seven seater is a bit of an enigma....

AliBingo Tue 30-May-17 20:54:49

Our donkey chassis fits in the sharan boot with seats all up, I can't remember what we did with the seats. It was a squash though.

Frazzlerock Wed 31-May-17 08:41:50

Thanks Ali!

Maybe I should go into a shop and see if they'll let me try it out.
I had a look at some videos of the Donkey being folded and surprised by how small it actually goes. Still not sure it'll fit though.

AliBingo Wed 31-May-17 08:57:11

Have you got a John Lewis near you? Think they are really happy for you to try in your boot. Mountain Buggy Duet is a one-piece fold, possibly might cram in?

Castlelough Thu 01-Jun-17 14:15:41

I don't know about 7 seaters BUT I do have a Bugaboo Donkey and I find it more compact than my Chameleon was...the chassis folds smaller and the seats fit one on top of the other in my boot so actually takes up less space than the Chameleon.

Frazzlerock Fri 02-Jun-17 09:58:07

I think I'll go and make a trip to John Lewis and see. Hope it fits!

TwinsPlusAnotherTwo Sun 04-Jun-17 15:48:23

What ages are the ones that need a double pram? I have twins so needed two lie-flat seats for a while, but now I tend to use a phil &teds and can get that in the boot of most 7 seaters with one boot seat up. Do you need all 7 seats up?

I did a lot of measuring boot spaces when pregnant! The other options were a bigger car (Galaxy) or an umbrella fold double and put it in the footwell - the doubles are really long when folded.

Sorry, there isn't a lot of choice, but hopefully it's for a short period of time!

PotteringAlong Sun 04-Jun-17 15:51:11

I've got 6 seats up in our c4 Picasso and our Phil and teds sport (which is old and a huge beast!) but not 7 seats.

Frazzlerock Mon 05-Jun-17 10:50:53

I am going back into Childminding so they could be any ages really, but unlikely to be newborns. Possibly one will be under one (I'm only allowed one under one)

We were on the motorway yesterday and I saw a lot of Thule boxes. I wonder if that might be an option?
Are they big enough to fit a double pram? Will I hate having to climb up to get it in and out?It'll be a good arm work out if nothing else!

TwinsPlusAnotherTwo Tue 06-Jun-17 09:30:45

We have a Thule too 😀. I'm sure an umbrella fold would fit, but not other doubles and yes, would be a pain to reach.

I don't know your car. Maybe a city mini double would fit - it folds into a flat square shape - measure and see? It didn't fit in mine though. Otherwise I think an umbrella fold may be best for you, find the shortest one and see if you can fit it across. Will you use your front passenger seat for minding? That space could be used for a pram - I can fit my P&T in there with one wheel off!

LostInMess Thu 15-Jun-17 14:10:50

Have you tried a nipper 360? I can get my old one in the boot of my galaxy with all 7 seats up. Helps to remove the wheels but very easy to do.

TwinsPlusAnotherTwo Thu 15-Jun-17 14:15:31

Lost - Galaxy has more space than most. It was the only boot I measured that could fit all the prams (nipper, city mini, mountain buggy) I was considering, with all seats up.

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