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Three car seats in Picasso C4

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CocktailsInTheSunshine Sun 14-May-17 09:10:27

I will have three under three and looking into getting three car seats in my car. I have a Picasso C4 which has three isofix at the back. I was looking at the Jolie all stages isofix but it isn't compatible with the middle seat and lots of other seats require the car seat belt to be used alongside the seat and I am not sure how easily I will be able to reach it to do so (it comes out of the roof and needs to be clipped in on both sides).

Does anyone have a similar car and setup who can give me any advise/recommendations? Thank you.

CocktailsInTheSunshine Sun 14-May-17 17:14:35


Underparmummy Tue 23-May-17 11:40:47

I have a picasso c4 and had a recaro baby seat, a maxi cost and a high backed booster (isofix) in it for quite a bit with no issues and no need for middle seat belt at all. I think maxi cosi was in the middle, baby seat behind passenger and isofix high backed booster behind me from memory.

No have two in boosters, one in maxi cosi and we do use the middle seat belt and it is worrying me a bit (although i do piddly distances with all three currently).

Also need more seats now as older two seem to need ferrying around with friends a lot now!

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