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Non diesel 7 seaters

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MoonHare Wed 03-May-17 19:44:27

I'm sure there used to be a separate place to post about cars on mumsnet but I can't find it.

We have a Ford Galaxy it's a 2008 diesel, we'd like to replace it with a newer car. I love my Galaxy but all the models with a spec we like are diesel and with recent publicity about the health and environmental problems we'd prefer not to buy another diesel.

Anyone have any recommendations?

CPBsMum Sat 06-May-17 21:01:39

We like the petrol Kia Carens (seems nice to drive, have already got a Kia so know they are reliable and have a 7 year warranty so you can get a 2nd hand one and still get warranty) but not sure whether we can fit our 3 child seats across the back seat. They changed the model at the end of last year I think so if you go for the previous model you might get a good discount. We were looking at the new one and the petrol models are in short supply (prob 'cos nobody wants a diesel) so if you want it brand new you have to wait abt 11 weeks for it to be delivered.

onemouseplace Fri 12-May-17 14:28:40

We've got a petrol Grand C-Max and I've been really happy with it. We've got 3 car seats across the back (not isofix though), I LOVE the sliding rear doors and I like that it's not as big as a Galaxy. We've only got 3 children though, so only use the boot seats for ferrying friends around etc.

It's only a 1.6L so is woefully underpowered if fully laden and going up anything resembling a hill, but I would happily replace with a slightly more powerful petrol version.

CaptainHarville Sat 13-May-17 05:45:20

We're buying a caddy maxi life 7 seater and you can get petrol versions. Having looked for a while we're still buying diesel but getting a model new enough to have a euro 6 engine. Cars built after 2015 or 2016 all have them.

Leavesandburies Fri 19-May-17 06:52:34


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