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3rd child big age gap

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Kayleighann Thu 20-Apr-17 12:13:02

Hi we are considering ttc a third child. Our children are boy aged 11 and girl aged 8. Family and friends think we are crazy and say we are going to struggle with the age gap.
Has anyone had a similar gap? Any advise on if it's a really bad idea? Xx

madbonkersmad Thu 20-Apr-17 12:16:16

I have 2 age gaps, 4dd in total, eldest almost 16, then 9,8 and 2!
Was only 19 when I had the eldest and deffo enjoy the youngest one more than the others. Much more patience etc.

user1490817136 Thu 20-Apr-17 12:16:31

Are you happy? Do you want another child together? Are you able to financially support this child? If yes then I think your family should be supporting you.

I'm expecting my third , my age gaps make yours look tiny OP :-)

upperlimit Thu 20-Apr-17 12:18:13

Why are you canvassing the opinions of friends and family on such a big decision. Do you think you will struggle with the age gap?

Yes, there will be some challenges with this particular gap but there are challenges that come with each type of gap.

GaladrielsRing Thu 20-Apr-17 12:19:42

I'm in the same boat. I have dd13 and ds12. 33 weeks pregnant with Ds2.

There's 13 years between me and my youngest sister and I'm closer to her than my other 2 sisters!

Kayleighann Thu 20-Apr-17 12:24:38

Thanks for your replies. I was quite shocked at the reaction of friends and family, a few have said go for it but majority are against and say it's not fair on my current 2. They can't see why I would want another abs "ruin" what we have. X

upperlimit Thu 20-Apr-17 12:28:48

Ruin it? With a new member of the family? What a fragile idea they have of a happy family! That's their problem, not yours.

Ame40 Thu 20-Apr-17 12:31:23

I have a similar age gap- 12/8 and 2. The older 2 absolutely adore the youngest . Only issue we've had is that days out and holidays require a bit more thought so that all 3 are catered for.

LobsterQuadrille Thu 20-Apr-17 12:34:09

When I was born, my sister was 12 and my brother was 10. My mother has always said that I kept her young, I'm close to both my siblings (I'm now 47) and have never seen a problem with the gap - I loved being an aunt an 16 (less keen on being a great aunt at 44!)

TootsyBella84 Thu 20-Apr-17 12:37:10

When we finally have no 3 we will have 2 age gaps. We have dd10 and ds4. We've had 2 mc over the past year so would have had slightly big gaps as it is but now they will be even bigger than planned. I'm almost 6 weeks pg again and if all goes well this time dd will be 11 and ds will be about to turn 5!
I don't think gaps are as important as some think, ignore people with their silly comments.
If you want another then go for it smile

TittyGolightly Thu 20-Apr-17 12:38:52

My dad is 17 years younger than his next sibling (one of 3). He was effectively an only child.

underneaththestone Thu 20-Apr-17 16:34:53

I am probably not best qualified to help here as I am expressing my fears about a third DC on another thread, and I am worried about some similar issues.

But if it helps, I am from a big family with some large age gaps. My oldest sibling is ten years older than me and my youngest about six years younger. The sibling I am least close to is the one closest to my age. I don't think my parents necessarily struggled with the age gap - although it did mean they were actively parenting for a long time. I think it was nice for my mum to still have one at home when the rest of us had flown the nest. That sister was in a way an only child for a while but in a way that benefited her - she got more one on one time than the rest of us. And in fact she wasn't an only child, she had loads of siblings who adore her, so in some ways she had the best of both worlds!

One thing I see on here frequently about large age gaps is the difficulty of co-ordinating activities and holidays and days out so everybody is happy. This wasn't a problem for us growing up as we didn't have many days out (partly because there wasn't loads of money around and partly because my parents were very OK with us fitting into their lives rather than the other way round. We were often bored and from their point of view that was fine, which I now think is about right). If there was anything, we essentially had to like it or lump it. I think I will take a similar attitude with my own kids!

ndo4000 Thu 20-Apr-17 19:02:02

I am in a similar position as you. DDs are 9 & 7 and we are ttc right now. We have thought about it for a long time and just feel not quite 'done'. I am hoping the age gap will be great having 2 little helpers!!!!

I know if it happens for us, lots of people will be very surprised (not mentioned our plans to anyone!!!) and think we are barmy, but I bet they will all still want cuddles when the baby arrives!!!!

Good luck & do what feels right for you!

Isadora2007 Thu 20-Apr-17 19:11:09

We had second dd when ds was
Almost 12 and dd almost 9.

We then felt she would feel a bit like an only child on days out once old enough to notice. So we had second ds 3 years on.

Having two and two has had its rewards and its challenges. Parenting teens and toddlers at the same time is no joke. I often feel I can't meet the needs of all of them so I then prioritise with the result of feeling torn in lots of directions and failing to actually please anyone...

But on the whole it's good. Eldest has moved out so it's a bit sad his little brother won't really remember him being at home... but they get on well and I can see them having a close bond in later life. I threaten teen dd with sending little dd to hers when she herself is an awful teen- my ultimate revenge!

I often feel tired though of parenting for so long (almost 20 years now) and some days feel I'm not as good a Mum to the little ones as I was to the older ones...

ToesInWater Fri 28-Apr-17 08:07:25

I'm a fan of big gaps - DS1 was10 and DS2 5 when DD was born. They now range from 14-24, the eldest no longer live at home but they all still get on really well. No jealousy, no competition - the boys now go to the pub together and they are really good to their sister. DD was unplanned but having three has been so amazing - go for it!

HerRoyalNotness Fri 28-Apr-17 08:13:42

I have a 9yo, 6yo and a 5wk old.

It wasn't planned this way, but I'm finding it much easier without toddlers and a NB. My DC are self sufficient, can get themselves off to school in the morning, fetch themselves snacks and drinks and take themselves off to play. They are also lovely with the new sibling. We had a bereavement a couple of yrs ago of a baby and DC1 says his new little sibling has brought such happiness to his life.

HomityBabbityPie Fri 28-Apr-17 08:16:24

Large age gaps are a LOT easier than small ones IME. For some reason these days everyone is obsessed with having kids really close together.

Alwaysfrank Fri 28-Apr-17 08:18:20

I am a third child with siblings 8 years and 13.5 years older. Growing up we obviously didn't play together really but nor did we fight or bicker! On the plus side we have a fabulous inter generational thing going on, ie my first niece was born when I was 17, my first child when she was 12. I'm going to be a great aunt this year and my youngest is 13. It's been nice for the teens to get to know their young relatives, and for the youngsters to have teens/young adults to look up to. My eldest sister in particular has been a great help to me with my children over the years - but she sees it as repaying babysitting I did for her as a young adult.

Personally I couldn't face having another after such a big gap but if you are up for it, I wouldn't let the age gap worry hold you back!

bellamcpoopants Fri 28-Apr-17 08:25:05

Ds1 is 12, ds2 is 10, dd is 15 months and I'm 19 weeks pregnant. We had a slightly different set of circumstances as there was a divorce and new marriage in between ds2 and dd. But it was lovely having help from the boys with their sister, and they adore each other. It will be sad that the boys will be off at uni when dd and bump are still young, but all families have different dynamics.

cookie77 Fri 28-Apr-17 08:36:04

Hi OP - I don't think it's a bad idea!

We have DS 10 and DD1 7 and now DD 8 weeks. We took a while to make the decision, and although lots of people assumed she was a 'surprise' this wasn't really the case. We had a few comments such as 'you were just getting your life back' and 'ooh we thought you were done', but to be honest, our family feels complete now.

As PP have said, the older 2 are absolutely besotted with her and are a great help (mostly!) She already loves to be around them and it's great to see her smiles and coos directed to them.

One caveat however is that I have found the return to the baby stage very difficult compared to the first 2. I am 39 and generally healthy but the tiredness has impacted me hard. On top of that, it is lonely being at home with a baby and I am sort of missing work. However, each week is better than the last.

If finances, health etc allow, then for us certainly, it was a great decision!

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