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Hyundia I800 vs Mercedes Viana

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ruthieruthuk Mon 10-Apr-17 23:12:44

Looked at these lately and both seem a good buy

Mercedes: Like the fact that u can turn the seats around in the second row leaving more room to get in/out, will have 4children in car seats by end of this year as currently expecting my 4th child, seen second hand ones for about 28k. More expensive but lovely car.

Hyundia: Cheaper alternative to the Mercedes and would leave more money for other things but don't think you can turn the seats in the second row, could it be difficult to get in and out with babies and toddlers, strapping them in? Ive seen the fact u can roll the seats forward but would i struggle still clambering over seats to get to car seats, again a lovely looking car and a cheaper alternative..

Struggling to decide.. Was wondering if anyone here had looked them or currently in ownership of give any advice?

Needmorechocolate Sat 13-May-17 22:35:06

Only just seen your post. We went for the Viano and I love it! I have 4 dc and It has made life so much easier than the smaller 7 seater we used to have (similar to smax). Viano is definitely one of the best purchases we have made!

We did look at the Hyundai which is a lot cheaper but I just didn't like it as much. There are no options on the Hyundai, you get it as it comes but with the viano there are different seat options and you can get ones with other extras like electric doors, sunroofs etc. You might also want to look at the vw caravelle - I know someone who has one and they are really happy with it.

toomanysmallpeoplecallmemom Mon 22-May-17 23:07:15

I've got the Hyundai- I've had it a month and love it but I see your point with car seats etc - I only have 3 car seats in mine and eldest can do his own belt etc so I haven't had any issues.
I decided on a lease option in the end rather than purchase.

sidonie1 Tue 06-Jun-17 14:19:52

Sorry for super late reply. You've probably already decided! I'd go for Mercedes if you can afford it. We have the Hyundai as we couldn't, and it's fine but is a hassle getting babies into back while toddlers are in the front. We have five small kids and as soon as the bigger ones can strap themselves in and we don't need a pushchair, I cannot wait to get a seven seater!

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