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Carseat advice

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johendy Sun 29-Jan-17 20:45:58

I know 3 kids isn't a large family for many of you, but I'm sure you'll have useful advice.

I'm looking for advice on fitting 3 carseats in the back of our car for a newborn, 22 month old and almost 5 year old.

We can squeeze ours in but it'll be a nightmare each time and I'm thinking about swapping 1 or 2 for narrower seats to make life easier.

Any recommendations? I'm in the UK by the way.

babyblabber Mon 30-Jan-17 21:14:10

What kind of car is it? Most cars do not fit 3 car seats across the back seat and if you are "squeezing them in" you need to get them checked to make sure they're safe.

We changed to an MPV when expecting number 3 (from a qashqai so not exactly a small car!)

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