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High back boosters

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cuckoowith2 Fri 27-Jan-17 13:31:46

Hi all, baby no 3 on the way in April and trying to sort out our car. We've been looking at bigger cars or trying to squeeze 3 in the back of mine! Does anyone have any recommendations for narrow high back boosters? We have the maxi cosi Rodi fix at the mo and it's pretty chunky! I can't safely fit 3 in the back without all the seats being pushed up against each other but wonder if I could with narrower booster seats? I will need 2 high back booster and a group 0 baby seat! Thanks!

Lucyannieamy Mon 30-Jan-17 23:58:53

We've just bought mothercare palma seats for our 4&6year olds. Don't have 3 kids but we were looking for seats that were narrow, mainly to squeeze an adult in the back too. They were quite neat in the car so worth a try

Avebury Sat 04-Feb-17 01:36:39

Britax Adventure was the narrowest I found.

Krap Sat 04-Feb-17 01:40:38

Graco Junior is the narrowest on the market I believe, I did the measurements of as many as I could find just last week. Although I finally settled with a Britax romer adventure which is the next smallest.

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