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AIBU dh is forcing me to use small car for 3 kids in both g seats

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craftycarls Mon 02-Jan-17 12:16:54

We have 3 children, 6,2 and 1 and I had a Renault Grande Espace which broke down and is now dead. My husband has a Range Rover Evoque which he drives to his work car park and drives it home again in the evenings. He bought a golf gti to use untill we can afford to get another bigger car for me and me use the Range Rover. He has now decided because there are a few footprints on the back of the seat that he wants to use that and me use the golf even though it is a very tight squeeze with the drivers seat too far forwards. I have offered to put a cover on the back of the seat and have been taking their shoes off. I can understand he doesn't want the kids in the car but it is just untill march. What do you all think?

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