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dabchick88 Fri 23-Dec-16 14:04:29

So we need to upgrade our car early 2017 and are also planning a 3rd child. We also have very large dog. Currently we have volvo v50 estate which we love but with two car seats on back there is hardly room for a person in between let alone a 3rd child seat. The boot is ok but it is tight with dog and buggy so we had to invest in a roof box. So we are going bigger! Both DH and I prefer the 4x4 style (not the price tag) but are open to the fact that size wise it may not be possible. Ideally would like the option of 7 seater as well. The voice xc90 is my ideal but I just don't think we can afford it. Budget no more that £15K and we don't really want more the 45,000 on the clock. The more realistic option seems to be the VW Sharan. Any advice or opinions that might help me?!

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