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Socks and multiple children

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ThornyBird Wed 05-Oct-16 20:21:48

Tonight I decided that we would colour theme socks - 4dc, each chose a colour. Simple.

Problem is I can only find multipacks of socks in 'school' colours, fine for dc1 (black size 7) and dc2 (grey size 6) but no good for dc3 (bright blue size 5) and dc4 (red size 2).

Anyone had a similar bright idea and found a stockist of single colour multipack socks?!

yeOldeTrout Wed 05-Oct-16 20:37:30

Better to have one style/colour scheme per age rather than per kid.
Size 6-8.5= red
size 9-12 = blue
size 12.5-2 = white

etc. Then you can pass own socks between kids, and different age kids with same size.

I suspect Amazon would work for your Plan A.

WordGetsAround Wed 05-Oct-16 20:39:08

Or buy M&S socks - they have sizes inside the bit at the top.

Fakebaker Wed 05-Oct-16 20:41:13

Amazon? How old are your dcs? I dont think my teen or tween would go for that.

ThornyBird Wed 05-Oct-16 20:49:26

The age/size thing probably won't work as they are aged 15 to 7 and alternate boy/girl. Plus past accepting wearing the same things as their siblings hmm

I don't usually pass socks down as they wear them out now (which is why the conversation came about - too many holey socks).

I fancied binning all the socks and starting again with 10ish plain coloured pairs each that will mean no more odd socks, no more trying to guess whose are whose and no more pairing socks...

Riveting thread I know so thank you for your ideas. I'm off to hunt round Amazon wink

donkir Wed 05-Oct-16 21:01:38

When I was a nanny the boys had to wear the same coloured socks for school but they were different sizes. I stitched a different colour on each pair for each boy. So one boy had orange stitched in and the other had blue. I just stitched a small line in the ankle elastic.

SavoyCabbage Wed 05-Oct-16 21:04:42

We do the same as Donkir. Except on the toe. A different colour for every child. Probably takes less time than sourcing all those different coloured socks.

ThornyBird Wed 05-Oct-16 23:17:21

Sorry, got distracted on Amazon then watched TV. I've given up on the idea as life is too short to trawl the internet for a back of 5/7 plain red socks to fit a 7yo grin

Tomorrow I'll nip to Asda and get all black socks in all the sizes and crack open the embroidery threads - thank you donkir and savoy smile

isittheholidaysyet Mon 21-Nov-16 23:50:18

School socks all have to be grey. So I buy different shades or styles (eg ribbed) for each size, and if two kids are the same size they share socks. When they need replacing I throw the whole size out and start again.

Non school socks i just make sure no one has the same plain colour and buy as patterned as I can. That way I know whose are whose because I know which set i bought for which child.

The other option, which we used when I was a child, was to sew a shape (or letter) in the sole of the sock with coloured thread, different colour and shape for each child.

yaela123 Sun 01-Jan-17 19:03:36

Socks are communal property in our house. As long as they fit you, you can wear them.

IMCNat Mon 20-Mar-17 14:38:48

Another fantastic solution is Names are knitted in during the production process, so they won't wash out. They're available in black, white and grey. Check out the 'school socks' tab.

They are wonderful quality too, so they'll last and last.


MyWhatICallNameChange Mon 20-Mar-17 14:44:35

I hate socks.

Here they all get chucked into a big basket thing and they choose two to wear out of the millions in there. Luckily none of them go to schools which specify sock colour so bright socks and odd socks are fine.

DS1 sorts his own socks out now, he got fed up of the sock basket of doom.

Evergreen777 Mon 20-Mar-17 22:19:18

DSS makes my life easier by helpfully wearing Christmas socks all year roundgrin . Beyond that I've lost the plot since they started buying their own, mostly all in black and tbh we end up with a fairly communal approach to socks blush

StinkPickle Sun 16-Apr-17 13:32:44

Polarn o Pyret do plain red socks in a multipack

TheHodgeoftheHedge Sun 16-Apr-17 13:35:13

We had a colour scheme growing up but just sewed a couple of stitches of our colour into each pair of socks/pants/tights.
A bit of effort but the time and energy it must have saved on arguments is enormous.

wigglybeezer Sun 16-Apr-17 13:36:17

I got round it by having some sizes ribbed and some sizes plain, now all socks are communal as DH and the boys all have the same size feet and I am using up the smaller ribbed ones.

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