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When will I stop feeling broody??

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Laur80 Mon 19-Sep-16 18:57:51

Have four DC (3yrs, twins 12yrs & 16yrs) but have never stopped feeling broody since I started!!! DH is discussing permanent contraception but I still feel desire for another child??
Any help? X

Tsotofamily Mon 19-Sep-16 20:43:26

I have no advice I'm afraid as I'm constantly broody too.
I also have 4 dcs - 9, 8, 4 and 8 weeks maybe it's just my hormones but I'd loved to have another.
Will be watching this thread

Bigfam Mon 19-Sep-16 20:49:06

I'll join the broody crew. We have 4 and our 5th on the way grin between the 4 we have all of their birthdays are in December and January with baby also due in December.
So they are soon to be; 8 7 5 & 2.

Surf25 Tue 20-Sep-16 18:13:39

I suspect I could join this club! I have no answers. Expecting dts in Dec, will be dc4 and 5. I suspect we will stop at 5 but I bet I'll still have these feelings of broodiness!!!

Bigfam Tue 20-Sep-16 19:45:12

What's your due date Surf25?

Surf25 Tue 20-Sep-16 20:41:27

They are due at 36 weeks so they are due on Christmas week, what about you big?

Bigfam Tue 20-Sep-16 20:44:05

On the 9th (which is also dp's birthday) grin are you on the dec antenatal thread? There's a couple of sets of twins on there too smile

Surf25 Tue 20-Sep-16 20:53:03

Oh well I had thought about joining in with that thread, but wasn't too sure if I was a bit late to the party as I was originally a due date of Jan before I found out there are two babies in there!! But maybe I should pop over and say hello. Most of the Jan group defected to Facebook so it is very quiet there! That would be fun if your dc shared dp's birthday!

Bigfam Tue 20-Sep-16 21:29:42

We've still got people joining here & there. The list is huge! There is a fb group but most people over there are on both, or (like me) just mumsnet. Well if she doesn't arrive on his birthday mine is the 6th so that would be nice! Do you know what you're having & are they identical?

Surf25 Wed 21-Sep-16 20:41:56

Hi bigfam yes they are identical, but we haven't found our yet whether they are boys or girls. I'd like a surprise as we didn't know with dc3 and I loved not knowing! My dh on the other hand, would like to know as he loved knowing with our first two dc! I may give in but am undecided!!!

Surf25 Wed 21-Sep-16 20:42:40

So you and do and all your dc have birthdays in Dec or Jan?! Wow! Busy times!!

Surf25 Wed 21-Sep-16 20:43:08

Sorry, meant to write dp not do!!! blush

Bigfam Wed 21-Sep-16 20:50:27

I'm like your dh, I need to know! grin
What do you have at the moment (boys/girls?)
Yes, it's my birthday the 6th of Dec, dp's and baby's due date the 9th, ds the 15th, dd1 the 19th and then in January dd2's on the 6th and dd3's on the 28th!
Baby will be our 4th girl, with just the one boy.

Surf25 Wed 21-Sep-16 20:53:17

What an exciting and busy couple of months for all of you! We have daughter, then daughter, then son, so far...! So we shall either be two girls then three boys or one boy sandwiched between four girls. People have said lots of pitying type remarks about if it is girls but I think that is nonsense! I was one girl with three brothers and loved it!!!

Bigfam Wed 21-Sep-16 21:20:54

So if you have twin girls, that'll be the same as me smile I just learned to grin and bare when someone comments "I bet you wish it was a boy...."
Ds is the second oldest so will have three little sisters to take care of (although he is coming up 7 and his sister who's 5 in January could easily pass as being older than him!)
How old are your dc?

Surf25 Wed 21-Sep-16 21:28:05

Yes I just smile too when the comments come!! People just can't help themselves I guess. Dds are 6 and 5 and ds is 18 months. How are your four feeling about the new arrival? Our dds are very excited, obviously ds is oblivious! grin

GreatPointIAgreeWithYouTotally Wed 21-Sep-16 21:32:15

I cured my broodiness with a dog.


He is more work than the 4dcs put together.

Surf25 Wed 21-Sep-16 21:52:30

Ha ha great I can well imagine it! I have been thinking that's what we'll do if broodiness hits again in the future...get a dog! We may have to trial a lower maintenance pet first though, maybe some fish?!

Tsotofamily Wed 21-Sep-16 22:07:48

Great I got a dog after dc3 and year after I got another one. Still ended up having dc4 grin

GreatPointIAgreeWithYouTotally Wed 21-Sep-16 22:10:45

Well getting a dog is not really 100% effective as a contraceptive I'll admit.

He does entertain the children and always a good excuse to get outside in all weathers.

DailyMailPenisPieces Wed 21-Sep-16 22:13:03

How old are you OP? I stopped feeling broody when I knew we couldn't have any more (though actually I felt really broody last week for a few minutes!). We went the dog route too ... can second - more work than the DCs grin

Laur80 Wed 21-Sep-16 22:16:27

I'll be 37 in feb, still have a few years of babies in megrin

couldntlovethebearmore Wed 21-Sep-16 22:21:41

Gosh Laur I feel far too old at 36 to entertain any more! But I also feel ridiculously broody and want to cry thinking about having no more!

Bigfam Wed 21-Sep-16 22:26:08

They're all really excited. I thought dd3 would be oblivious as well but she's well aware there's a baby in there, she'll so excited when the baby actually arrives though, she loves them (she's still a baby herself really, 2 in Jan)
As for the dog debate, I've always found them much harder to look after than kids 😆

Tsotofamily Wed 21-Sep-16 22:34:50

Yes their definitely good for getting us out in all weather's although kids sometimes moan about going out! Mine have gone past the stage of being entertained by them, dd1 enjoyed taking them out for a small walk with her friend after I had dd3 but now she moans at that and one of the dogs is technically hers grin

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