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Another one about sharing

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DollyBarton Wed 17-Aug-16 23:04:40

We've 3 DC. DS is 3.5, DD1 is 2 and DD2 is 8 months. The two eldest sleep well and the baby has suddenly started most nights sleeping through since 3 weeks ago (thank god, she was horrific!). I have them all in their own room but we only have 4 and I'm desperate to get the guest room back as we use it a lot snd my heart sinks when I realise we have to bring the baby in with us as she weirdly wakes 6 ish times in the same room. My plan was for the two eldest to share until the baby is going into a bed in 2yrs time but my DS is very against this so I'm wondering if I should just put the two girls together from the start.

Any advice on putting a 2yr old and 8month old in together? They are both in cots and both occasionally cry out in their sleep. The baby still can roar the place down sometimes but generally seems to just cry for a minute and go back herself. Fine when she's in her own room but not if she's waking her sister!

DollyBarton Wed 17-Aug-16 23:05:42

Is it harder putting babies or older children together?

uhoh2016 Thu 18-Aug-16 04:34:59

My oldest 2 shared from a similar age I too worried about them waking each other up but oddly it never happened if I dc cried out in the night the other always slept through it

imip Thu 18-Aug-16 05:34:55

My oldest 2 shard at that age. Baby was in with us. When baby was around 18 months, we put her in her own room (by then we were about to have #4). Stupidest thing we ever did. Dd3 would never settle. Took us a few months to realise that it was better to put all 3 in together. We kept them with us until they slept through the night, which was generally over 1 for all of the,.

All 3 together went well at the time (around 5, 4 and 2). All went pear shaped when dd2 ASD by more noticeable, but that's a thread in itself (and probably the cause of why I'm not asleep now!).

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