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Unexpectedly pregnant with dc3, help!

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Bennjerrys Tue 02-Aug-16 18:10:30

We have 2dd, one is 4 next month and 18mo. Both planned, but I enjoyed dd2 a lot more than dd1. I felt more confident, my head was in the right place and I was really sad when I stopped bf her. I thought I wanted another baby, but DH & I talked about it and decided that although we liked the idea of dc3, we couldn't imagine having the emotional/ financial resources to look after dc3. Just discovered this morning I'm pregnant- just 4 wks and am terrified! I assumed if it did happen DH and I would be gushy and happy but all either of us can muster is oh f* ! What's it like going from 2 -3? Desperate to hear other experiences!

lifeofdino Wed 03-Aug-16 12:18:13

We were the same with DC3, we had decided to stop at 2. I was a mess for the first few months of pregnancy, I managed to get it together and in the end the leap from 2-3 was far easier than the jump from 1-2.

Having done everything twice before really makes things easier, you know what works for you and you fall into little routines without thinking.

DC3 spent a lot of time in the sling for the first 2 1/5 years so in a lot of respects getting out and about was very similar to when it was just the older 2.

Tsotofamily Wed 03-Aug-16 13:32:20

For me dc 3 just slotted in and was a breeze. So much so I've just had dc 4 grin
It is going to be a big shock specially if you finally decided to stop at 2 but honestly going from 2-3 isn't bad and if you've got everything from the other 2 dcs already isn't going to hit you to much financially.

ElenaSummer Fri 05-Aug-16 11:42:31

Congrats smile

We planned DC3 and I still felt exactly the same for most of my pregnancy . Going from 1-2 was difficult as dc1 didnt sleep and is challenging , 2 under 1.5 however I loved the small age gap and found dc3 harder to adjust in the sense of going back to the baby stage with "normal" age gaps this time round ( 3 under 5 ).

It will take time to adjust and then look at practical things, 3 car seats in a car or hotels for 5 are the bane of my life.

It is hard work and I still look back and think 2 would be so so easy however I enjoy having 3 seeing them all interact and have different relationships together is lovely . I thrive on chaos!

Even working PT is a challenge around DH shifts, we have limited family support and have to split the children up to get babysitters etc.

You will be even more confident this time round , and time goes so quickly as you have the older two to keep you busy !

Marzipanmodelling Tue 06-Sep-16 15:04:22

Good to read your post op, could have written it myself, said the 'oh f***' yesterday and am feeling scared! Ds2 didn't sleep through until 17months and I can do that again and am SAHM but worried about the financial jump when they're older between 2-3... Watching with interest.
Congratulations and good luck x

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