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3 under 2.2

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Chlorinatedfrontbum Sun 31-Jul-16 19:17:47

Hi. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and have dd 18 months and ds 7 months. I'm 36.

Anyone have any tips/advice for dealing with three so young? Anyone here that was a sibling in this position and can share what it was like for them growing up?

FayaMAMA Mon 08-Aug-16 12:39:32

Firstly, congratulations OP! Having children close together is so great!

We had a similar situation when I was growing up, except it was my 4 older siblings. When my older brother and sister were born (twins), my other older brothers were 10 months and 25 months. They are all ridiculously close now, but honestly they used to fight a lot as children (for attention, toys, etc or even just fun...). I can't give any advice really, but I imagine having a good strategy in place for dealing with disagreements and ensuring 1-1 time with each child would be really helpful.

sidonie1 Tue 16-Aug-16 14:50:34

Congratulations! I had a 20 mth toddler then twins, and have found that having the oldest onside as helper has really been great. Your first will be over two, so able to understand lots and be capable to a certain level. I used that to help them feel important and responsible. It's definitely paid off.

The twins have just turned two and they all seem to get on pretty well on the whole. Hoping the close age-gap will be a lovely thing as they get older 😊

PassMeTheFrazzlesPlease Sat 20-Aug-16 08:52:35

I would recommend a 5 minute egg timer! (I bought mine from Amaxon)
I had a 20 month old when the twins were born.

The egg timer has come in handy as they have got older, as they all fight over toys. So, they get 5 minutes each and the person who is waiting for their turn holds the egg timer and watched the sand go down.

It has honestly helped so much because thu aren't all shouting and screaming at each other - having the visual cue seems to help so much.

I also use it for time outs when they fight.

We also have a big trampoline which is a lifesaver in summer as they all go on together. They don't always bounce, sometimes they take toys on and make up games (now 3 and 5). Good luck!

Twopots Thu 25-Aug-16 23:46:21

I recommend a good baby sling, I use a ring sling and love it!
There is 36 months from start to finish with my three I would have baby and youngest son in pram but when eldest got tired I would put baby in the sling and push the boys in the buggy (got a lot of 'are you crazy!' Looks for having 3 so close, some people actually said it!)
Good luck, get a good routine and you will be fine - and having a new born is far easier than being 9 months pregnant with toddlers (in my opinion) so it will get easier xxxx

AndNowItsSeven Thu 25-Aug-16 23:52:43

I had four under 2.6 and it was fine, we bought a quad pram that also comes as a triple . I would highly recommend it. Pm me if you want details.
We have a cleaner which really helped if you can afford it.
Don't feel guilty about cbeebies , it can e quite educational grin
Try and get out as much as you can to toddler groups I found people really wanted to help , especially the church ones with older volunteers.

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