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How to fit multiple children in one bedroom?

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datingbarb Thu 28-Jul-16 14:38:37

Just wondered if anyone could share any ideas/pictures of how you make bedrooms work for multiple children!

My 3 dd's will be sharing a room (11,9 and nearly 2) youngest currently in cot but guess will be moving out by end of year.

Oldest really only requires a desk as she likes to sit and do her work and middle child still has a lot of toys (doll mad) youngest will only have small amount of toys in room as she has a toy box in lounge as still to young to play upstairs alone.

The room is a ok size but rather long/narrow arranger than square 13.5ft X 8.5

I'm really struggling how best to fit them all in as they will require clothes storage

imip Thu 28-Jul-16 21:02:38

Try Pinterest. If you or anyone You know is handy at Diy, there are great idea hacks, eg, the Kura bunk. I often search 'idea hacks kids room' or 'shared bedrooms' etc etc. Some great ideas about giving older do space, storage and privacy. It's a great time waster also grin

Viasabatthe2nd Thu 28-Jul-16 21:06:00

A company on Facebook andersons themes and dreams, have a three bed bunk bed for a small space it looks brilliant.

ecuse Sat 06-Aug-16 10:46:06

playhouse beds, playtime beds, sleeptime beds and funtime beds (all online) do various multi bunk beds. also second the pinterest recommendation!

Tsotofamily Sat 06-Aug-16 14:44:57

My girls have a bunk bed which has a pull out bed underneath, when we got it we only had the 2 girls and dd3 won't be in it for awhile just yet but it's great we can pull out the bed and slide it back in during the day

sugarplumfairy28 Fri 12-Aug-16 09:23:33

You can get hold of triple bunk beds fairly easily, and then you're only taking up the floor space of one bed. Definitely have a look on pinterest!

I'm planning out a guest room which needs to accommodate my brother, his wife and their 3 children, so came across the 3 bunk idea, but there are a lot of variations to make it more fun or nicer to look at, maybe even 3 high beds? Also go all out on whatever space saving furniture you can. Wall mounted storage, corner wardrobes, maybe even a pull out/down desk, fold up chair.

AndNowItsSeven Fri 12-Aug-16 09:25:11

Artandco Fri 12-Aug-16 09:28:04

Keep the youngest in your room

Cakescakescakes Fri 12-Aug-16 09:37:20

Pinterest is your friend for this kind of thing. So many amazing ideas. Or try Apartment Therapy website which has lots of ideas for small spaces.

bombayflambe Fri 12-Aug-16 09:43:18

The room is long enough for two high beds end to end (high beds are higher than bunks). Then add a single perpendicular to the one of them at usual height (an L shape from above) for your youngest. This will give you underbed space for a desk and two big wardrobes. On the other wall put 2 5x5 Kallax units with drawers and doors and a good bookcase for book storage. Attach everything to the walls for safety/to avoid tipping.

datingbarb Fri 12-Aug-16 09:59:56

Thanks for replies

Youngest sharing with me isn't really a option my room is just a very small double and only one place my bed can go so putting a bed in for her would mean totally blocking the built in wardrobe and she couldn't sleep in with me as I have never co-slept and a few times I have tried having her in bed with me were a nightmare, she just wouldn't settle and asked for her own bed!

Spent a lot of time with a to-scale drawing and think I may have cracked it, using a broken IKEA Trofast unit (really tall one 12 draws, they don't sell it anymore) I can build a great built in wardrobe so floor to ceiling with hanging Soave, 12 draws and a high shelf for storage will be great)

Oldest dd only requires a desk/dressing table area and again have seen some great ideas in IKEA

Middle dd just needs you storage ( she is doll mad) so just need to look at that but I do have a space of about 1.5 metres so looking for something tall to make the most of the space.

Currently had a huge declutter and got rid of so much, been harsh and as dd only actually plays with dolls and craft that's all we are keeping all the other junk is going

imip Fri 12-Aug-16 16:04:55

Oh please do look at Pinterest for idea ideas/hacks. It really will solve your storage problems (well, solve may not be exactly it). Really, I lose so much time looking at Pinterest for kids bedroom ideas (4dds here). I just need to put the plans into action!

Redorangeyellowgreenblue Sun 14-Aug-16 00:12:48

I wouldn't suggest bunkbeds until the 2 year old is older. For safety reasons xx

imip Sun 14-Aug-16 06:48:58

The Kura bunk puts a toddler in a mattress on the floor of a Kura - need to Pinterest to see. Or a fairy cave, or storage....

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